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Receive unparalleled services from IQI’s team of real estate experts and industry professionals, with the latest and most innovative tools, comprehensive strategies, and adept execution. Come closer to your dreams with IQI.

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IQI is a renowned multi-award winning real estate agency and advisory firm, with a strong worldwide presence and a dedicated international team, working with world-class partners, investors and developers around the world.

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At IQI we cover every aspect of your real estate purchasing experience, offering you a complete holistic solution. From finding you the best properties that meet your requirements, high speed loan acquisitions, state of the art interior design, property management, and more.

IQI aims to improve everyone's experience of buying a home with these 3 steps:

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    Describe your home requirements

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    We match you with the best agent to discuss your project

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    We guide you through the entire process, helping you realize your dream.

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