5 Reasons Why You Should Join IQI – Part 1

Who is IQI? We are a leading global real estate & investment advisory firm with over 10,000 agents worldwide, operating in more than 15 countries.

We are the reigning champions of StarProperty Awards 2019, bagging a total of 25 trophies – including the All-Star Agency.

We are also honoured to be the only company to showcased multiple international properties at the Cityscape Global, the largest networking exhibition and conference on property development in Dubai.

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Why You Should Join IQI?

IQI stands for International Quality Investments. The team at IQI has a wealth of expertise in the property industry, complemented by links with institutional investors from partner companies. Taking the best of corporate culture, professionalism, best practices and technological solutions, IQI has become a trend-setter for real estate brokers across the world. Their multinational and multilingual staffs from diverse backgrounds create innovative and thoughtful marketing strategies, enabling IQI to maintain access to markets worldwide.

Now that you know more about IQI, let’s take a look at their accomplishments, what they can do for you, and why you should join them.

1. Attractive rewards and incentives.

IQI’s agents work hard each day to meet their goals and deserve every bit of the commissions they receive. That’s not all though; on top of their commissions, the agents are offered exciting rewards/incentives to further motivate them.

These incentives come in several categories, including global travel destinations such as Spain, Norway, Japan and more, grand luxury cars like BMWs, IQI high-end club dining and numerous other luxurious accessories and items such as Rolex watches and Mont Blanc pens.

2. Swift commissions.

IQI prides itself with giving its agents their commission as quickly as possible. In fact, IQI is proud to say that thanks to their well-organized system and hard-working and supportive team members, the company is able to provide its agents with their commission just 7 days from the time of officially selling a property.

This is one of the fastest periods of commission acquisition that any real estate agency can offer. What’s more, they have a no forfeit policy, meaning the money their agents make is entirely theirs to keep.


3. International offices creating a global platform.

IQI is a global real estate agency in every sense of the words. While headquartered in Dubai, the agency boasts an international presence, with offices all over the world. They have offices in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Each office is staffed with proven experts who possess intimate knowledge of the local market ecology as well as detailed information about the area in which they are stationed. If you have questions pertaining to real estate information about the area, you can be sure that agents from IQI will be able to answer you completely and satisfactorily. Taking all their members into account, IQI has a global sales team numbering well over 10,000 dedicated professionals across all their offices.

4. Learning and empowerment.

IQI believes strongly and firmly in the power of knowledge and learning. These two firmaments are what ensure quality in what they do and also the growth of themselves and their team members. Therefore, IQI agents attend regular training in the form of cutting edge mentorship programs, industry tutoring, in house training programs and workshops meant to hone their skills and ensure personal and entrepreneurial development.

With the introduction of IQI Atlas and IQI Academy, products created by IQI’s very own Software Engineers, we have over 40 training courses offered to the disposal of the agents in topics such as personal development, development of sales and introduction to copywriting. 

The methods are implemented via the very best in the industry and each facilitator goes through a rigorous selection process, ensuring the highest quality in the agent’s education.

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5. Monthly road-shows.

IQI has a number of high quality listed properties and is always ready for action. One of the ways they ensure that prospective buyers are able to find these properties is through their roadshows. Every month, IQI holds between 10-20 property roadshows all over the country, promoting the various properties that they are working with, ensuring that buyers and investors find the right homes which fulfil all their dreams and goals. Whether you are a first-time buyer looking for a new home or a seasoned veteran searching for new and profitable investment, you need to look no further than IQI.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more reasons why you should join IQI, so be sure to check out Part 2 in this series to find out more.

Find out more about IQI here.

If you liked what you’ve seen so far don’t hesitate, be a part of our amazing team.

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