Top Real Estate Agency In Malaysia: Why Use REA From IQI?

Why Use a Real Estate Agent from IQI (Top Real Estate Agency in Malaysia)

Sometimes people think, “Do I need to use a real estate agent for my property purchase?” Buying and selling a home can be a scary task for anyone, especially when it is your first time. However, it is a process you don’t have to go through alone; especially if you can get the advice of a reliable real estate agent. When homebuyers and sellers work with an agent, the entire process runs smoother and is less stressful than if they did everything on their own. Why you should use a trusted and trained realtor from IQI? In IQI, you will find the best realtors, who will help you find your dream home. Our realtors are like matchmakers; they introduce people to homes. Here are some reasons why working with an agent matters.

1. Know the Neighbourhood:

When a homebuyer wishes to procure a house, intimate knowledge of the neighbourhood is a necessity; you cannot simply rely on hearsay and stereotyping. Agents possess intimate knowledge of a neighbourhood or they will know where to find the industry buzz about a neighbourhood. They can help you identify comparable sales and point you in the right direction, where you can find more data about schools, hospitals, shops, and demographics. Real estate agents will help you discover everything you need to know, and more, before the start of any deal.


2. Fiduciary Responsibility:

When you work with an experienced real estate agent, their fiduciary responsibility is to you. Realtors are experts who are looking out for your best financial interests, experts who are bound to do everything in their power to help you achieve your goals.

IQI agents have the expertise and experience, to help sellers protect their investment and buyers to build their portfolio. Our agents are committed to turning their promises into reality for you.


3. Contracts and Negotiations:

Finding the right home is the easy part; after that the real work begins. When the time comes to make the contract, there will be many factors that will need to be brought up and discussed. Real estate agents are skilled at negotiation and can separate themselves from the emotional aspects of a transaction. Agents from IQI will look at every angle from your perspective, including crafting a purchase agreement. This allows you the peace of mind to inspect the property to your satisfaction before you complete the purchase.

Also, when it comes to negotiations, your agent is your advocate and will speak for you in every situation in order to bring a solution that works best for you.

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4. Ever-changing Real Estate Acts and Laws:

Laws change every year and vary from state to state and region to region. For a homeowner, or a would-be-homeowner, it is almost impossible to know all the legalese details. Our agents however, are trained and well versed in real estate and stay up to date with all the changes of regulations, laws, contracts and practices. Once you retain your real estate agent and begin the investment process, they use that knowledge to your advantage, from start to finish.


5. Pricing and Selling a Home:

A real estate agent has intimate knowledge of the real estate market and can make sure your home is priced right. An agent also knows the local market, has access to the latest sales data, and can price your house in line with the market to maximize your earnings. Having an experienced real estate agent can dramatically impact the offers you receive from buyers or sellers. So make sure you choose a knowledgeable real estate agent, because they can use their knowledge to your benefit. IQI is a wise choice, with the best trained agents in the market.


6. Post Sale Support:

Many times people face complications after a few months of buying or selling a property. Sometimes even the smoothest of real estate transactions can end up in complications down the line, so you should stay in touch with your real estate agent in case you need them again in the future.

Real estate agents also have a well-established system of professional networks that they can use to help find quick solutions to most problems related to property. IQI agents are famed for their personal touch. They are always happy to continue a professional relationship with their clients long after the sale is done.

When buying a new home, you must choose the best real estate agent. Hire the best agent, facilitate the buying process, and secure your future home. Always go for the best; go with IQI.

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