Why the hate on Property Agents?

January 2020 is just a few weeks away and we are astounded to discover the public still has unpleasant approaches to property agents. Unfortunately, some of that hatred is justified.

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Most agents are honest and ethical, however, it’s the bad apples in the barrel that give every other real estate agent a bad name, but there is more to it than that. Sizing up an agent is difficult for many people because so many agents fluff and puff about themselves.

It’s hard to tell what is true, a misrepresentation, or an outright lie.

Inexperienced property agents

There is no school like the school of medicine, and most agents learn on the job. A fair assessment says about 3 out of every 4 agents who don’t have enough experience will probably never gain enough experience to develop themselves into the professionals they should become.

There is a huge turnover in the real estate industry, and statistics show the number of active real estate agents falls and rises with the economy. When times are good and consumers are optimistic, the number of active real estate agents rises, so even though a large number might not renew their licenses, a fresh batch of newly licensed agents fills that void.


Where property agents come from

The majority of real estate agents come from other walks of life and professions. It’s generally an industry they later fall into because, quite frankly, few people start out fresh from college desiring to become real estate agents. They are former grade school teachers, dental hygienists, hairdressers, police officers, nurses, taxi drivers, scientists, lawyers, photographers, small business owners, personal assistants, receptionists, newspaper reporters, and more. Some are skilled and educated, while others are one or neither.


A consumers’ trust generates experience

Experienced property agents who close at least one transaction a month and continue to produce for 20 years will have closed, theoretically, more than 240 sales. From those sales, agents would have made mistakes and hopefully learn from them, giving them the ability to protect their clients from suffering through the same mistakes. There is value in having experience.


The view of the real estate business

Some people believe to sell a home all you have to do is stick a sign and post photographs online. Those two actions might attract a buyer, but they don’t necessarily sell a home; a lot can happen between signing the contract and closing. A smart agent knows how to negotiate and handle problems that can pop up, such as appraisal issues, home inspection repairs, buyer’s lender requirements, buying and selling concurrently, contingency releases, and more.

If the solution to every problem is for the seller to throw money at it, and the seller is willing, then you might not need a property agent, but that is rarely the answer all parties seek.

Now,  why should you love IQI property agents?

Stands for ‘International Quality Investment’, the name suggests more than simply buying and selling properties: it’s about helping people realize the value in their investment.  Thus is attracts successful realtors to be part of the image of IQI.  Established in Dubai in 2011, this international real estate company now operates in many countries including Dubai, Canada, Australia, Thailand, the Philippines and of course, Malaysia.


  • The technology pioneering IQI

Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise – especially realtors who enjoy the use of cutting-edge technology. Through IQI Cloud, we offer realtors the latest information on all the development projects across the IQI world.  With IQI Atlas, realtors can see what they have sold, and what commission they have earned.  And it’s all available online. 

With numerous training courses to get you up to speed, it helps our agents who do well to earn enormous rewards. This company invests greatly in helping every individual keen to join the property industry to have a successful future. For a newcomer, these technologies and training sessions will help them maneuver the property industry, effortless. At IQI, our agents will not leave to your own devices to sink or swim.  There will do whatever they can to help you every step of the way.


  • Our team is our main priority

Traditionally, real estate negotiators buy and sell people’s properties –  known as a subsale. With team leaders at IQI, they are keen to focus on projects, and if you are with them, you’d understand why.

Witnessing the properties that have been launched or are under construction, our agents are given the opportunity to handle the latest projects by all the major developers in the country, and in all the major cities.  Imagine the responsibility they endured to bring their clients the happiness of finding the perfect home.


  • The buddy system

Traditionally, property agents handle a transaction from end to end.  But at IQI, we practice something called the “Buddy System”-  where an IQI realtor can pass a lead to an area specialist to close, and split the commission.  This allows realtors to focus on specific areas or projects, gain knowledge and expertise that will make him a valuable asset to the team. 

An open opportunity for all.  By this same system, a realtor can pass a lead to another realtor in a different city.  That’s how one agent is able to sell a million-ringgit condo in Kuala Lumpur, without being in Kuala Lumpur.  At IQI, realtors can sell properties from all over the world.  They are not limited to their own city. Where else can you get such a worldview?

Are you looking for an agency which provides the right team, the right message, and overall right feelings? Drop us a name and let has have a chat about your future with the assistance of IQI!

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