1 MIN READThe IQI Monthly Newsletter – Real Estate Market March 2018

The IQI newsletter offers you the latest information about the real estate market, economy, as well as fun and important news on IQI moments.

The newsletter gathers local and international insight and research, provided by experienced real estate professionals and IQI industry leaders in order to keep our clients, developers and real estate experts up to date with the latest occurrences and changes in the real estate market.

Aside from the latest news on real estate, the IQI newsletter also provides an insightful look into news and forecasts about the current economy, allowing our readers to make informed investment decisions throughout the year by none other than the IQI chief economist and expert, Shan Saeed.

The IQI newsletter aims to keep clients and agents updated in order to achieve a positive change in the market where all parties have a chance to increase not only their knowledge about real estate and the economy but also their chances in creating new opportunities and optimising their investments.

Join us! IQI is a multi-award winning global real estate agency and advisory firm, bringing about the latest opportunities, innovations and technological breakthroughs in real estate.

Scrolls down to read more about the current economic situation and the real estate market.

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