4 MIN READVersatility of IQI Founders Continues to Bring Success

While many businesses have struggled during COVID-19, the founders of Juwai IQI have managed to experience more growth and success.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless business owners, be it big or small, have faced the uncertainties that one would associate with a worldwide pandemic. Presently, these same businesses are still struggling to navigate the ongoing effects on the economy and consumer market, yet some are actually thriving in this landscape.

Juwai IQI has been in the real estate business for almost 10 years and has managed to gain over 20,000 property agents worldwide – from Australia to Canada. 

How the company continued to bring forth success and ensure the public trust in its capabilities is all thanks to its adaptiveness to the real estate landscape, and technology says Group CEO of Juwai IQI, Kashif Ansari.

The company plans to base its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, which aims to build a data and technology team of more than 1,000 employees locally to its commitment to achieving net-zero emissions and carbon-neutral certification from 2030 Juwai IQI’s future is shining as bright as the Nothern star.

Let’s hear a few words from the founders of Juwai IQI to learn more about the business’ journey and future chapters?


The secret ingredient of Juwai IQI’s success

“Having a successful business is the result of many factors – a sound strategy, having a marketable product and efficient processes, yet the most important factor of them all is the people behind the scenes. 

By executing the concept that your employees are your company, start by listening to what they have to say and taking them seriously. Their rhetoric will get unnoticed if you do, and nit-picking occurs when they feel like they don’t have a voice. 

You’ll begin to hear about common problems that customers tell them about and simple and effective solutions or alternatives. You’ll even begin to identify potential leadership talent. Don’t make the mistake that many companies make, which is to create a framework that gives the appearance of an open line of communication.”

Kashif Ansari | Co-Founder of Juwai IQI and Group Chief Executive Officer


The importance and advancement of technology

“The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an inevitable surge in the use of digital technologies due to the concept of working remotely from home. People and organizations all over the world have had to adjust to new ways of work and life. At Juwai IQI, we explore the many possibilities of this digital surge in the real estate landscape.

Technology and data make our business so scaleable by operating with our Juwai IQI ATLAS platform, which includes Juwai.com, the ATLAS platform and much other crucial technology during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s how we doubled our sales and rentals in 2020 and how we set ourselves up for even faster growth in 2021 and beyond.

As a matter of fact, the demand for properties remains strong. This is because most property deals are done online with virtual tours, e-signatures, etc.

A few countries, Malaysia and Canada, moved up in the list and received more exposure to international buyers in the course of last year; one of the biggest reasons for their transaction is for investment.

Migration, lifestyle, and retirement are other factors for these purchases. There is a strong demand for regional properties, both domestic and cross-border. Due to COVID-19, people are moving out of the cities because their work can be done remotely.”

Georg Chmiel | Co-Founder of Juwai IQI and Group Executive Chairman


A look into Juwai IQI in the next 5 years

At this moment, the business of Juwai IQI’s is gaining more in sales, rentals and revenues, which are tripling to a massive growth rate – growing at 200%!

With the company’s evolution of the real estate industry-linked through technology, Juwai IQI is set to gain 20 % of the global market share in the real estate industry.

As we continue to provide a complete solution for consumers to do a complete end to end solution to do all transactions, Juwai IQI in 2025 will have up to 100,000 property agents.

As Juwai IQI and the founders piqued your interest in a career in real estate?

Looking to reach out for international exposure?

At Juwai IQI, ANYTHING is possible – all you need is the right support. Join us at Juwai IQI to make your dreams of going international come true!

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