All You Need to Know About Touristy Lexis Hibiscus 2!

All You Need to Know About Touristy Lexis Hibiscus 2!

Luxury Resorts make for a wonderful escape from the bustling city life. These resorts become an ideal tourist attraction since the location, comfort, and luxury provided is top-notch. Along with being destination spots for foreigners, they also gain traction from local guests coming from different cities.

Port Dickson is a town located on the west coast of Malaysia. It is situated in the state of Negeri Sembilan and is almost 70 km away from Kuala Lumpur. This beautiful strip of the sea is admired by people around the town and the country as well. The addition of Lexis Port Dickson has made this location even more prime. It offers a beautiful view of the sea and executive pools along with water villas.

What Is Lexis Hibiscus?

What To Do In Lexis Hibiscus?

What Is The Difference Of Lexis Hibiscus 1 With Lexis Hibiscus 2?

The check-in and check-out system are very well managed they take safety measures very seriously in order to ensure that their guests have a great time. Malaysia is home to many islands and beaches which is why a lot of tourists visit the country. Since the surge of Covid 19 has now been controlled and we’re close to the endemic, more tourists are expected to visit.

Lexis Hibiscus is where many decide to stay while visiting Port Dickson. Each room comes with a sky pool villa which makes them a wonderful escape from the city. They’re now constructing Lexis Hibiscus 2 which will accommodate more guests and offer various entertainment and leisure activities for all ages and demographics.

What is Lexis Hibiscus?


The opening of Lexis Hibiscus 2 has been the talk of the town since its announcement. The resort is set to open in 2024 and will be located right next to Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. These are luxury resorts which are situated in Port Dickson Malaysia.

Lexis Hibiscus 2 Port Dickson, which is roughly an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) or Kuala Lumpur city center and located along Pasir Panjang beach, sprawls towards the Straits of Malacca and will reflect Malaysia’s national flower.

This 5-star luxury resort will have 760 rooms, including 582 water villas and 178 sky pool villas. Each villa at the Lexis Hibiscus 2 will have its own private dip pool, just like the Lexis Hibiscus, offering the ultimate in luxury and solitude.

Lexis Hibiscus 2 is expected to bring 400,000 tourists to Port Dickson each year once it is completed. If each tourist spends an average of RM600 per night, this will create RM240 million in visitor spending per year, supporting local communities and promoting Port Dickson’s international appeal as a top tourist destination.


After the immense success of Lexis Hibiscus, the developers have partnered with Lexis Hotel Group and will be launching Lexis Hibiscus 2. Lexis Hotel Group is known for building unique and distinct resorts all around Malaysia. They have been the innovator in building a private pool in each room. Due to their vision, Grand Lexis Port Dickson was the very first resort to do that and make a world record.

Lexis Hotel Group has built Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Lexis Port Dickson, and Grand Lexis Port Dickson. Lexis Hibiscus Penang, Imperial Lexis, and Lexis Ultima which is coming soon. Along with this, they are also going to be introducing Lexis Hibiscus 2. Each room will be equipped with a private pool for a comfortable dip. These pool villas will offer a breathtaking sea view. Moreover, the sky pool is what most guests look forward to.

Once the project is completed, it has been estimated that Lexis Hibiscus 2 will bring in almost 400,000 tourists. The most unique thing about this project is the panorama pool villa and its presidential suite. After the traction Lexis Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Port Dickson and Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson have gained, building Lexis Hibiscus 2 seems like a step in the right direction to further establish Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan.

What to do in Lexis Hibiscus?


There are many activities that one can enjoy while staying in the luxurious Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson. One of the most stunning features would be its Musical Fountain. This will give the guests a chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of the fountain while relaxing. The sea view will further beautify the views.

Moreover, a first-of-its-kind restaurant is also being built in Lexis Hibiscus 2. It is a Sunken Aquarium with a built-in restaurant. Having a scrumptious meal in this restaurant will be a dream come true for many Malaysians and other tourists.

The resort will also feature the largest ballroom in the whole state of Negri Sembilan with a capacity of 2,000 people. This means that many will be able to host their luxury parties and weddings in this ballroom. But these are subject to availability. The demand for the resort will be extremely high due to the activities and options to have fun being available.

Lexis Hibiscus 2 has almost 178 high-rise sky pool villas and 582 water villas. Being able to relax in these rooms will be an experience on its own. Being able to enjoy the sea view while dipping in the private pool is something we all look forward to during a vacation.

Since we still need to wait for Lexis Hibiscus 2 to be open for visitors and tourists, one can always book a getaway or staycation to Lexis Hibiscus 1. Their hotel offers a wide variety of activities as well. The options are so many that it becomes really hard to pick. It’s always a good idea to go for a longer period of time and enjoy each of these one at a time.


Lexis Hibiscus 1 is an ideal destination for kids as well since the WaterJ Park and Kidz World are places dedicated for children to enjoy. The environment of these places is safe and fun along with being visually stimulating and encouraging physical activity. These new experiences will become a part of their wonderful childhood memories. The interaction they get to have with other children is something amazing too.

While kids make the most out of these interesting activities, adults can enjoy a relaxing time at LexSpa. It’s perfect for singles, couples, or groups of friends who are looking to have a soothing experience. The aromatherapy sessions offered by LexSpa are worth both time and money both. They have many options and packages for the guests to pick from and indulge in a serene journey.

Furthermore, Starz Karaoke is a rather exciting and energetic option to enjoy your time at Lexis Hibiscus 1. The place is equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visuals for the music junkies to have a memorable time with their friends and family. The 5-star hotel has built activities for every age group and people with different interests.

If you’re someone who prefers physical activities by the beach, those are available as well. There is an option to go for a Bandwagon Ride, Motorboat Rides, Jet Ski, Deep Sea Fishing, Banana boats, and others.


Lexis Hibiscus 1 also offers an experience at the Roselle Coffee House, located on the ground floor close to the main lobby and facing the common area swimming pool and water villas, has an air-conditioned dining room as well as al fresco seating. From lavish breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets and ala carte selections to high tea on weekends, this cosmopolitan all-day dining restaurant exhibits a mix of outstanding local and foreign food.

Another place to visit while visiting Lexis Hibiscus 1 is the UMI Japanese Restaurant. It welcomes diners to its avant-garde atmosphere with an emphasis on flavor, presentation, and freshness. UMI, which means “sea” in Japanese, offers a variety of traditional Japanese dishes inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun. Every guest will have a unique gastronomic experience, and it is the perfect spot to unwind or celebrate a particular occasion.

What is the Difference of Lexis Hibiscus 1 with Lexis Hibiscus 2?


Lexis Hibiscus 1 was opened to the public in 2015. It holds two Guinness World Records for The Most Swimming Pools in a Resort and The Most Overwater Villas in a Single Resort. They take a lot of pride in this since it brought Malaysia into the limelight. Lexis Hibiscus 1 offers 639 pool villas. These rooms are spacious and comfortable. They also provide a lot of luxury and different sea views and experiences. Each room has an independent steam room too.

Lexis Hibiscus 1 also offers many beach activities. These are ideal for group tourists. A few of these outdoor activities include Bandwagon Rides, Motorboat Rides, Jet Ski, Deep Sea Fishing, Banana boats, and others. An indoor activity for a more relaxed experience also includes a LexSpa. This is ideal for the ones looking for a calming retreat.

Since Lexis Hibiscus 2 started developing in 2020, the comparisons between the two became a common discussion. The new Lexis Hibiscus is being built on 32 hectares of land. This means that it’s bigger than Lexis Hibiscus 1. The premium pool will be a lot more in numbers and the rooms will be bigger as well. You can enjoy a delectable meal at Sunken Aquarium Restaurant too.

The Hibiscus Walk will also be open to visitors and guests. This will be something different compared to the activities at Lexis Hibiscus 1. The walkway will include various shopping options for the ones who would like to indulge in some retail therapy. Along with that, food kiosks will be there offering varieties of food as well. Tourists will get to enjoy authentic Malaysian Cuisine and other delicacies.

The launch of Lexis Hibiscus 2 will strengthen the Lexis brand’s prominence in Port Dickson’s coastal town. We will work collaboratively with the Malaysian government to promote Port Dickson tourism to discerning business and leisure travelers from the FITs, tour programs, corporate, and MICE (Meetings, Events, Conventions, and Exhibitions) sectors locally and internationally.

With Lexis Hibiscus 2, the Lexis Group hopes to attract even more local and international visitors, especially in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, by providing them with its trademark style of hospitality and top-notch memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. This endeavor will have a significant impact on the creation of any company and job prospects.

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