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Anyone who is familiar with the Baba Nyonya culture will know that their food mirrors their lifestyle. The dishes are not easy to cook and it can take a ridiculous amount of time to make that perfect sambal. Each state’s dish will also taste slightly different because of local influences. For example, Melaka Nyonya dishes are slightly influenced by the Portuguese and Indonesian tastes, whereas there is a distinctly Thai influence to Penang dishes. With so much going on in just one dish, it is a wonder that these restaurants are able to make such an exquisite variety of flavours. In this article we will tell you the 5 best Nyonya restaurants you will find in Kuala Lumpur.


1. Sambal Chilli

Sambal Chilli takes pride in the fact that it is one of Malaysia’s oldest Nyonya restaurants. They boast a modern interior, yet they keep up the Peranakan traditions when it comes to the food. They make everything from scratch, including the laborious task of blending the spices, which give the food its exquisite taste.
We recommend the Inchi Kabin, a classic dish that consisted of bite-sized pieces of chicken, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, cumin and black pepper. It was the perfect blend of taste and flavour.


2. Little Heritage House

The dishes from the Little Heritage House will give you a warm and homey feel, like a loved one welcoming you back with a hot meal after a long hard day of work. Fun fact, we heard that the chief chef is the owner‘s aunt who comes from Penang. In other words, you have an authentic aunty making authentic Nyonya food for you!
Our recommendation: The Nyonya fried rice, trust us, you won’t regret it.


3. Limapulo

This lovely restaurant can be found along a stretch of old renovated shophouses from the 40’s. It consists of a motley of carefully selected old school furniture and posters, which add to the charm which comes with the Nyonya food. The kitchen is run by Chef Tan Kim Chye, who uses secret recipes, handed down from his mother. The Chef also goes by the loving nickname Uncle John.
We recommend that you try the Nyonya Laksa, Uncle John’s signature dish. It takes a long time to prepare, so long in fact that they only serve it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


4. Precious Old China

A pork free Nyonya Restaurant, Precious Old China can be found inside Central Market, Petaling Street. The inside is decorated with tasteful antiques that are as pleasing to eyes as the food is to the stomach. We recommend the Ayam Pongteh and their signature Coconut durian for dessert. To be fair we had our doubts about the dessert; however we were pleasantly surprised with how good it was. You need to try it out for yourself.

5. Peranakan Place

Peranakan Place has a bright and colourful exterior, making it hard to miss even you just happen to be passing by. The colours also give a good visual representation of the “Loud” spices you’ll taste in the food. The place is absolutely packed at lunchtime, so make sure you reserve your place ahead of time unless you want to join the long line of waiting hungry folk. We recommend the Itik Tim, which is served piping hot so make sure you blow on it before putting it in your mouth. Then you can fully enjoy the party of tastes in your mouth. Yum!

Nyonya food is delicious and one of a kind. If you truly want to taste Nyonya cuisine at its finest then you will definitely want to visit at least one of these restaurants. And make sure you take a picture of the occasion so that you can always remember the day you had some of greatest food in the Peranakan tradition.

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