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Top 10 Home Decor Trends For 2017

When done right, home design is an art through which you can express yourself and put a bit of personality into your home, making it that much more unique. Of course, all artists need inspiration and the best place to get inspiration is through research and observation. In this article, we will show you 10 of the best home decoration styles that are trending in 2017.


1. Green

Green is a truly cheerful colour and was named the 2017 Pantone Colour Of The Year. This back to nature hue represents revitalization, something we could use more of with today’s busy lifestyle. It goes especially well with warm wood tones.


2. Textures

Among our 5 senses, an important feeling is our sense of touch. A good fabric or accent can feel luxurious and welcoming when you contrast it with rough and natural textures. Indulge your sense of touch with some feel-good textures.


3. Butterflies

Butterflies are a buoyant motif which can uplift the spirits and breathe new life into your home. A symbol of grace and optimism, this motif may be used in a variety of spaces.


4. Faux Finishes

Faux finishes are all the rage. Both homeowners and designers are turning to faux finishes for a stylish yet budget-friendly alternative to authentic materials. It’s a great way to make any space look sophisticated.


5. Satin Brass

Polished brass is cherished for its ability to bring beautiful golden tones to spaces and are affordable as well. It compliments any furniture very well and makes a home look classy.


6. Voice Activated Assistants

Voice Activated Assistants like Alexa and Google Home are becoming more popular and common. These digital marvels take you one step further into making your home trendy and smart.


7. Bone Inlay

Furniture featuring fine inlaid bone gives a normal piece of furniture a feeling of being chic and opulent. It also makes your furniture double as a piece of art.


8. Fold up Appliances and Rooms

Features like retractable range hoods for a kitchen and fridges that are built into the wall are gaining popularity as they give people the option of more space. Engineers are working on creating entire fold up kitchens and even outdoor parks. As the saying goes, “Less is More.”


9. Mixed Patterns

Giving a splash of colour or texture to any space, mixed patterns are a new contemporary way of styling your bed, sofa and even your table.


10. Statement or Accented ceilings

You’ve heard of accented walls, but what about accented ceilings? Give your often-overlooked “fifth wall” some added texture. Some style choices you could use are textured wallpaper, wooden beams, marble or a bold paint colour.

There are of course many other trends and other decoration styles out there which you can try out for yourself. The most important thing to remember is to choose what you love and are comfortable with. We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for your own home; happy decorating.

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