3 MIN READ#BeTheChange | The Importance of Training Platforms for Real Estate Agents

As Real Estate Negotiator in an age of rising technology, they need to continue improving themselves, to ensure that they are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge to help them secure success in their business with ease.

But the most important method of improvement is a proper training platform for them.

Without such a platform, they’ll find it difficult to improve their skills and are faced with limited sources for them to catch up-to-date to the latest real estate tips and knowledge.

While online training sessions are available and opened to them, they may miss out on a few classes during a tour session with a client they cannot be rescheduled.

Or said online training sessions could not be replayed?

To help you in this predicament, meet Allen Yeah –  an agent from IQI Ace who believes self-improving is important for RENs.


Who is Allen Yeah, the agent with a plan?

Allen has been working in the real estate business for almost 8 years, believes that self-improving is important for RENs, and always finds time to improve himself despite his busy schedule.

He was blessed in the real estate industry as it was the Seller’s Market when he joined. Allen managed to generate leads and faced no difficulties when starting his business.

Yet, despite a great start in his Real Estate Negotiator journey, Allen too faced difficulties when the market shifted to Buyer’s Market and his clients were dwindling in numbers.

This change resulted in him restructuring and altering his routine by searching for new skill sets to meet the demand and market.


How can a training platform change your life?

With limited resources during this transaction, Allen Yeah gained new skills places such as websites, books, and online courses to help him along the way.

“Before I joined IQI,  I attended meetings from my past agencies, and I look forward to gaining more knowledge for myself and also build a network with my fellow RENs in the industry.”

Once Allen joined IQI, he managed to keep up with all the training sessions provided by the agency, such as the live sessions uploaded to their Facebook and YouTube pages, which were available to be watched on other days –  without missing to meet clients, generate leads, and branching out his real estate business. 

“With platforms such as IQI Academy, the learning structure of training and continuous learning provided have definitely benefited me from all angles – to improving my confidence to how I transform myself for today’s real estate market. 


Always take the first step in your knowledge of the journey

We can rely on the company’s resources and find other ways to improve, such as self-made books and other online platforms that truly benefit everyone in the industry, which might help everyone maintain sales performances, discover new things and focus on the team’s growth.

Reaching out for international exposure is possible – all you need is the right support.
Here at IQI, join our #BeTheChange campaign to make your dreams of going international come true!

An opportunity of a lifetime is here – so join IQI and create your international career together!

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