1 MIN READThailand overcomes US as preferred real estate destination for local buyers

Thailand has overcome the United States in 2020 as the number one destination for Macau real estate buyers, the Executive Chairman of real estate sales and media company Juwai IQI, Georg Chmiel, told Macau News Agency (MNA).

“In 2020 […] Thailand jumped four places to become the most popular destination for Macau buyers[…] It has
been a top-Uve destination for each of the last two years. The United States, the United Kingdom, the UAE and New Zealand are all still popular with buyers from Macau. They round out the top-Uve list,” Mr. Chmiel stated.

Juwai IQI is a privately held real estate sales and media company created by the merger of IQI and Juwai.com an online platform that promotes real estate in over 90 countries to Chinese buyers.

“The popularity of Thailand reveals a new-found focus on nearby, inexpensive property that none-the-less offers an attractive lifestyle. In the time of coronavirus, many Macau buyers want to avoid the risk of high-priced overseas homes in far-away markets”

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Source: Macau Business

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