Curious What Happens When You Choose Realtor as a Career?

If you’re looking for flexible career options, why not try a role as a realtor? 

As a realtor, you can take to achieve that elusive work-life balance —maybe some you haven’t even considered!

Want to know what some of your options are? We’ve put together a list for your real estate industry preparations.

Enjoy a work-life balance.

Being a real estate agent means having the flexibility to work as much or as little as you like. If you need more convincing, did you know realtors are almost always paid on commission, meaning you earn a percentage of each transaction?

You could work part-time, full-time, overtime, or just in your spare time. When deciding how many hours a realtor should work, remember that your income is typically higher the more you work because more hours equals more deals. 

Choosing how much and when you work, being a real estate agent means having complete control over your professional and personal life. 


Begin a side hustle related to real estate.

Are you an entrepreneurial type? Want to avoid being committed to an employer? You may be looking for a way to make extra income. 

For some, it’s an excellent source of summer income or a way to make money that fits comfortably around different individuals’ schedules.


Who does not enjoy independence?

Real estate professionals are typically free to run their businesses as they see fit as long as realtors and brokers operate within legal guidelines. Real estate brokers supervise realtors, but many brokers offer complete autonomy to their realtors.

You decide how to market yourself, how to conduct client meetings, whether or not to do open houses, and how to generate new leads. You can even decide to outsource tasks you don’t enjoy doing. 

With a realtor’s license, you can create a team of real estate agents to work under you. 

And you can manage that team as you think it should be addressed, without interference from the micromanagers that so many of us are tired of reporting to. 


Find the fit that’s best for you.

So many aspects of the real estate business provide flexible ways to earn either full- or part-time income. When it comes to real estate, the problem isn’t finding flexible options; it’s choosing the option that suits you best.

Seeking the flexibility of a realtor? Talk to our team, and we will discuss the many opportunities to kick-start your career in real estate!

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