Celebrate Raya in Style! 10 Destinations to Visit in Malaysia for Raya Holidays

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The holidays are coming up, which means indulging in some sleep, planning a staycation or having a catch-up session with friends and family during the holidays. Or, perhaps not? Come on, it’s Raya!

Wouldn’t it a little boring to just balik kampung? It’s time to get up and head out for a short getaway! Read on for our list of 10 places to head to for a vacation and you’re sure to find some places that are perfect for the trip!

1. Lexis Hibiscus

2. Sekinchan

3. Genting Highlands

4. Cameron Highlands

5. Fraser’s Hill

6. Kuala Kubu Bharu

7. Sandakan

8. Redang Island

9. Rawa Island, Johor

10. Jonker Street, Melaka

10 Places To Have A Short Getaway

1. Lexis Hibiscus

Located in Port Dickson, it is a resort for paradise and you would be enchanted with its beauty while having a panoramic ocean view if you are staying in one of the villas. Make sure to check on the rooms available as there are many types to choose from and to book early before the start of the long holidays in Malaysia.

The resort isn’t exactly near a town, but there are numerous activities to do in Lexis Hibiscus Resort itself! From having a relaxed spa day at LexSpa to playing water sports at Hibiscus Walk, it is a destination worth a short getaway. They even have a children’s play area, known as Kidz World play centre so the resort is family-friendly.

Another highlight at Lexis Hibiscus is the food!

Whether one would like our own Malaysian food or international cuisines, Lexis Hibiscus has a wide range of options, spoiling their customers with choices.

Restaurants To Try When Staying At Lexis Hibiscus Resort

2. Sekinchan

Being in the city is quite stressful for many, as it reminds people of their work! The beauty of concrete jungle is no competition when compared to Mother Nature. With Sekinchan being only 1 hour 30 minutes drive from the big capital of Kuala Lumpur, it is a short getaway worth considering during the Hari Malaysia holiday coming up.

Located at the Northern part of Selangor, one can only imagine the picturesque paddy fields and quaint fishing village of Bagan Redang, snapping up photos worthy of memories and indulge in fresh, delicious seafood.

You can also make a wish at the Sekinchan Wishing Tree by getting a red ribbon from the nearby temple, Tian Hook Temple and writing your wishes on it, tossing it at the tree as high as you can. It is said the higher the ribbon reaches and dangles, the higher chance of your wishes coming true!

The seafood is well-known in Sekinchan, hence it is a must try when visiting the destination! Here are a few places to head over:

3. Genting Highlands

Yes, it is a well known location and yes, it can be packed with tourists from all over Malaysia. But, it still deserves an honorary mention as it is such an iconic place.

Despite being so near to the capital city, less than an hour’s drive actually , the mountainous terrain up into the clouds would make anyone feel like they are in a different country! Hence, a family or friends’ road trip is such an ideal plan for a short getaway during the national holidays!

There are endless activities to do at Genting Highlands, like heading to Genting SkyWorlds theme park for some mild to extreme games to shopping at Genting Premium Outlet.

The choice of food is never scarce, as Genting Highland is filled with restaurants with some not even available anywhere else. So buckle up, you are bound to have some fun times and a full belly!

Restaurants To Try When Visiting Genting Highlands

4. Cameron Highlands

If Genting wasn’t enough, how about Cameron Highlands instead!

Tucked away in the mountains of Pahang with tea gardens, vegetables and strawberries blooming on its hills, it is an exceptional destination to head on to for some relaxation times. Not to mention being able to indulge in memories by giving the Time Tunnel Museum a visit, reminiscing the good old’ times when we were younger. cries in adulthood

The sleepy, tranquil landscapes of Cameron are bound to make one feel as relaxed as possible, while sipping on tea overlooking the tea plantations beneath them. Furthermore, there are endless gardens to visit for that aesthetic photo, like the Cameron Lavender Garden or the Cameron Flora Park, ideal places for couples, families and even with friends to enjoy during this Hari Malaysia holiday. Both are thronged with flowers like, of course lavenders, Japanese roses, morning glory, daisies and hydrangeas. 

Cameron is also very well-known for their strawberries, which can be seen being sold in almost every eatery. Some even incorporated it into their menu, like  Nasi Lemak with strawberry sambal! It’s weird, but admin here is curious about its taste! 

Here Are Some Places To Head To for Some Strawberries: 

  • Strawberry Farms: For Strawberry Picking, Small Bits and Desserts with Strawberry as its Main Flavour!
  • Opah Strawberries & Jams: For their infamous Nasi Lemak with Strawberry Sambal and Scones!
  • KHM Strawberries & Jam: For their High-Tea and Jam Right By the Strawberry Farm

5. Fraser’s Hill

Nearby Cameron Highlands is Fraser’s Hill, another beautiful and tranquil hill to head over to during the Hari Malaysia holiday. It may seem a little far, but it is worthwhile for a short getaway with the upcoming holidays!

Indulge yourself in the picturesque nature that seemed only found in paintings and enjoy the cool weather from the Malaysian heat. Although not as lively and touristy like Cameron Highlands or Genting Highlands, Fraser’s Hill also has interesting activities which will not only entertain you but also your friends, family members or even children.

There are many hiking trails ideal for anyone, from beginners to experts which can be counted as a workout here right? The Paddock and Allan’s Creek are also very entertaining, as you can ride a horse or feed the fishes while still enjoying the cooling air.

There is no exception for food in Fraser’s Hill too, as everyone can enjoy some delicious scones in a English-Style Hotel or head for their favorite local meals at the food court.

Here Are Some Places To Head To In Fraser’s Hill: 

6. Kuala Kubu Bharu

Located in Selangor, Kuala Kubu Bharu is a small town, but don’t let it fool you because it certainly has activities which would challenge your physique! It is a place well-known for its hiking trails, hot spring and water rafting.

As hiking and hot springs are more catered toward tourists who would prefer a more relaxed, we are moving into water rafting instead to kick up a notch. It is a 8km long stretch and the rush of adrenaline will give you a new experience with your squad. Plus, it is ideal for beginners who wish to start out while immersing yourself in breathtaking views across the rivers.

After that, I’m sure everyone is hungry right after such extreme sports? So, here are some places recommended to try when at Kuala Kubu Bharu.

7. Sandakan

Situated in Sabah, Sandakan is a city off the northern coast, providing the much needed experience for thrill seekers as well as those who wish to be with nature. No wonder it is famous for its wildlife, nature and history tourism, attracting many worldwide, including wildlife researchers to study Sandakan’s rainforests.

From jungle trekking to a river cruise into the rainforest, Sandakan has lots to offer which is worth the short getaway. There is also the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation and Turtle Island National Park, all located in the neighborhood of Sandakan. Hence, it is a destination worth exploring.

Psst, admin hasn’t even spoken about the good food yet.

When in Sandakan, there are some foods that are unfamiliar to Semenanjung Malaysians but fear not the foods are delicious and have been recommended below. Admin approves of it!

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Here Are Some Places To Head To In Sandakan: 

8. Redang Island

Remember instead of relaxing at home, you should head out somewhere else? This destination clearly hits all the boxes for a relaxing holiday.

Redang Island is another popular destination amongst locals and tourists from other parts of the world. Famous for its natural beautiful beaches and water, there is no further explanation needed on why you should plan Redang island as your next short getaway destination!

Besides, you can enjoy a day of snorkelling, scuba diving, a spa day or just relaxing on the beach with friends or family. Don’t forget to watch the sunsets and sunrise, as it is breathtaking. You cannot enjoy a destination without trying the local cuisines right? Well here are some for you to try out!

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Here Are Some Places To Head To In Redang Island: 

  • Perhentian Island Resort: For Their Candlelight Dinner By The Beach with your friends, family or your partner!
  • Kopitiam: For their Burgers & Fries by the beach
  • Redang Moon: For their Fresh Seafood, Home-Grown Vegetables

9. Rawa Island, Johor

A small island off the coast of Johor Bahru which you can only reach it by a ferry or boat ride from Mersing Jetty! Those looking forward to a quiet getaway will be pleasantly greeted with it when visiting Rawa Island.

With soft, white sandy beaches and pristine clear water, it would definitely make anyone feel at peace there. So, why not head over during the holidays to enjoy some time on a small private island?

Also, Here Are A Few Places To Try Near Rawa Island:

10. Jonker Street, Melaka

jonker street melaka

Being known for its rich history and a favourite spot for tourists, it is no wonder Jonker Walk is a must visit whenever they head over with their friends or family for a trip.

Jonker Walk is located next to the Malacca River, famously known for their river cruise! There are also lots of historic sites nearby, like the A Famosa Fort, St Paul’s Hill and the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum.

With all that in mind, you cannot forget Jonker Walk itself. The area spans to three streets, with the main being the middle lane. The area is bustling with activities, especially during the weekend as there is a night market where you can get little souvenirs, food and unique handicrafts. So make sure to check it out when visiting!

You can also savour all kinds of food and drinks there, but some places is a must try.

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Here Are A Few Places To Try In Jonker Street:

  • Jonker 88: For their Asam Laksa and Cendol to cool you off in the hot weather
  • Peranakan Mansion: For authentic Nyonya Food In a Nyonya Antiques Lined Up
  • The Stolen Cup: For their High-Quality Coffee and amazing Salted Egg Croissant

Whether you’d like an adventure, a break from the city or home, or relaxation, there are so many places to head to for that in Malaysia. So, take that chance, roll out of bed, and head over to these places with your loved ones during this coming holiday!

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