[QUIZ] What's Your Officewear Aesthetic?

[QUIZ] Here’s What Your Officewear Aesthetic Says About You!

officewear aesthetic

What’s work without a little bit of spice?

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking of upgrading your wardrobe or you’re looking to discover what your personal office style is.

Look no further – take our flowchart quiz and see what your office wear aesthetic is!

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Officewear Aesthetic Inspo

1. What’s Your Office Wear Aesthetic?

Answer the following questions and discover your aesthetic!


2. Uncover your aesthetic

Read on to discover what your officewear aesthetic says about you!

If you got:

1. Softcore

You are a very bubbly and cheery person with a bit of a sensitive side. You enjoy reading books and love all things soft and sweet. In the office, you have a very happy demeanor and you enjoy being doted on by your colleagues and co-workers.


2. Indie

You’re laidback and chill, and are in the office to get your work done – other things come second. You don’t really care for fashion, though you have a sense for it in your own way. You’re quiet but when needed, you can become the life of the party.


3. Baddie

You love being in charge, and you are full of ideas. First impressions matter to you, and you’re always sure to bring the best version of yourself to the table at all times. You’re a leader, you know what you want, and you’re not afraid to voice out your opinions and thoughts when you feel is necessary.


4. Academia

You’re quiet and you like being away from the crowd. You prefer being in smaller circles, and you have a good sense of judgement. You live a very private life, and you enjoy coming into the office with a cup of coffee in your hand.


3. Officewear Aesthetic Inspo

Still can’t tell if you’re baddie, indie, softcore or academia? Here’s some inspo to get a vibe from your aesthetic:



So, what’s your officewear aesthetic?

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