Malaysia's Macroeconomic Recovery and Growth after COVID-19

Malaysia’s Macroeconomic Recovery and Growth after COVID-19

The Malaysian government has maintained macroeconomic stability and given economic confidence to the local investors, with trade reaching RM257 billion.

Shan Saeed, the global chief economist of Juwai IQI, said the government had done an excellent job navigating the economic turbulence.

“The key variables for Malaysia’s GDP growth to reach 8.9 percent this year are policy consistency, stable infrastructure, and technological innovation. All of these are equally vital to ensure growth in a structured manner,” he said.

Furthermore, government initiative mandating vaccinations have been successful. As 98.99 percent of the population was vaccinated, Malaysia has reopened its economy. This boosts global investors and sends a positive signal that Malaysia is ready for business.

Read more about Shan’s views on Malaysia’s economy here:

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