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Achieved more than 600,000 views, ADAPT Convention 2022 Brings Future Technology Closer to You

ADAPT 2022

2022 marks the third annual #ADAPT international convention. With over 32 renowned speakers and performers from eight countries presenting and two successful days of networking, we are delighted to announce ADAPT International Convention 2022 on 13-14 December was a great hit.

Our #ADAPT2022 convention was held digitally, as it was last year, so that nations from all over the world may participate. Eight countries, including China, Singapore, Dubai, and many more, tuned in to hear and learn from our distinguished speakers. 

The aim of ADAPT 2022 was to provide a complete overview of new technologies — Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assets- and how to use these technologies for business growth. Together with industry experts and prominent thought leaders, we effectively delivered multiple sessions providing participants with essential takeaways and action points.


Let’s Recap on ADAPT 2022 

1. Metaverse

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Digital Assets 

4. Panel Discussion

5. Testimonials 

6. Thank You Shoutout! 

Overall, the ADAPT International Convention 2022 was a resounding success, with 22,943 live participants and 677,728 video views, resulting in 1,096,806 minutes of video being watched. It was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn from and connect with experts worldwide. The convention will surely be remembered as a valuable and memorable experience for all involved.


Metaverse is the talk of the town. The term has recently gained popularity due to Facebook’s recent announcement that it was changing its name to Meta in allusion to the upcoming Metaverse, which is said to revolutionize everything. When this happened, many people had no idea what Meta was talking about because the Metaverse is still a relatively new concept.

We have renowned speakers like Jason Low, Ivy Fung, Aaron Sarma, Yin Jian and Neo MA, who discussed in detail the fundamental concepts of the Metaverse and how to incorporate it into your business operations successfully. As Metaverse real estate values are skyrocketing, with some metaverse lots selling for as much as $15,000, we have Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham and Daniele Gambero to dive deeper into this topic. It was an incredible insight highlighting debates focusing on the Metaverse’s long-term intentions and core notions. Below are the Metaverse topics discussed by ADAPT 2022’s speakers:

Topic   Speaker 
User Experience: The Key to a Successful Metaverse  Jason Low, Virtualtech Frontier 
Answering the Web3 call!  Ivy Fung, Women in Blockchain Asia (WIBA) 
Metaverse Architecture: A Look Into The Future Property  Ar. Qhawarizmi Norhisham, Seetizens Plus 
Health in the Metaverse: Your Dr Avatar is waiting   Dr Jane Thomason, Kasei Holdings 
Web 3: Real Opportunity or Just a Myth?   Aaron Sarma, Scale Up Malaysia 
New Digital Era Announced, Short Media Is King  Mr An, Deardearr MR AN 
Will the metaverse kill privacy? Opportunities and challenges for privacy and security in the virtual world   Ivana Bartoletti, Oxford Internet Institution & WIPRO 
The Legal Compliance of Metaverse and Digitalization  James Chen, Meta Lawyer 
Behind The Scenes of Future Smart Cities  Daniele Gambero, Malaysia PropTech Association 
Augment Your Knowledge of the Metaverse!  Yin Jian, GS Data 
Next up: Chapter Web3  Neo MA, μNEST 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence

Every day, there is a new AI invention with the potential to transform practically every industry. According to PwC analysis, AI will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030; therefore, it’s no surprise that businesses want to implement AI solutions. Is it true or just an inaccurate prediction?  

Worry no more, we have answered all this in ADAPT 2022 as Oliver Tian, Arzmy Hargreaves, and Navin Sinnathamby shared their expertise on this matter. Moreover, we also have Dr. Sasa Arsovski, Angelica Salvi Del Pero, and Wang Qi Xin in the house; they shared the role of AI, the future of robotics, and how they will impact our lives for the better. Our experts also explored the following topics on AI:

Topic   Speaker 
Leveraging AI in the Rise of the Metaverse  Oliver Tian, Oliver Tian Associates 
Web3 and AI in Gaming: How it Revolutionizes the Gaming Industry  Seth Pyrzynski, All Of The Lights 
Are Brain-controlled Machines becoming a reality?  Dr. Sasa Arsovski, Raffles University  
Data Science without Data: The Cold Start Playbook   Alex Honchar, Neurons Lab 
Ethics of AI in the workplace   Angelica Salvi Del Pero, OECD 
What’s next? Digitalizing On Branding    Arzmy Hargreaves, Regalcel Group Sdn Bhd 
Driving Digital Transformation across the Agriculture Sector with Digital AgTech empowerment  Navin Sinnathamby, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd (MDEC) 
The Future of Quadruped Robot   Wang Qi Xin, Unitree Robotics 
Personification of IP   IF 君, IF Club 


Digital Assets 

The birth of blockchain technology marked the beginning of true digital asset innovation. With over 19,000 crypto projects, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, digital assets are gaining popularity and are not going away anytime soon.


Hence why our experts in ADAPT 2022 tried their best to uncover all of the tricks and benefits of incorporating all these blockchain technologies into your business. George Wong and Mohamed DW discussed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which appear to have sprung out of the ether this year by providing artists and content providers with a new option to monetize their commodities by buying and selling digital artwork. Although cryptocurrencies have a reputation for being risky investments, Mr. Vimal Selvamany and George Wong highlight their advantages. Following are the topics covered by industry leaders on Digital Assets:

Topic   Speaker 
Blockchain for Enterprise in 2023 and beyond   Suresh Naidu Sadasivan, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation 
Digital Assets In The Web3 Economy. Society Points Are Digital Assets   Dennis Nguyen, Society Pass Inc 
Making it Real: A Data Security Governance in Digital Transformation  Zong Liang, Information & Data Security Solutions 
Cryptocurrencies, the future of payment?  Mr Vimal Selvamany, Cryptobilis  
The World of NFT   Mohamed DW, Pentas.io 
Building The Open NFT Metaverse  George Wong, The Sandbox 
Why the downfall of Cryptocurrency? What’s next?  George Wong, The Sandbox 


Panel Discussion  

Aside from that, we also held our first panel discussion this time, and it got off to a great start! We have gathered experts to facilitate exciting and meaningful conversations on our theme topics. We had three panel discussions on the MetaverseArtificial Intelligence and Digital Assets — click the link to watch. The panels covered the developments in digital transformation, their current state, and how these technologies might transform a company’s financial structure. We are proud to announce that it resulted in exciting discussions with new conclusions, perspectives, and ideas being put forward throughout the sessions. 

Testimonials From The Audience 

Not only that, but we also sent a survey and below are some of what the attendees’ thoughts about our conference, ADAPT 2022:   

“Diversity of topics and the short format of presentations”  


“Very insightful, comprehensive and inspiring sessions with experts of speakers in the field” 


“I found all the topics covered very interesting overall” 


“Adapt 2022 gave me an insight into Digitalization and how I need to learn and adapt changes that are happening right now in this world. It’s a wakeup call to me” 


“Informative on the latest market update and trends” 


Thank You Shoutout! 

With this being the THIRD installment of an ambitious virtual tech convention, event organizer Juwai IQI hoped for even greater success. And we prevailed! While our numbers were great last year, they have significantly increased this year.

From achievements to breakthroughs to individual opinions, the above are just a handful of the many respected speakers our attendees had the opportunity to hear in their paths to attaining unrealized dreams.

Complementary to our speakers, we thank our top sponsor, EXSIM, for investing the time in our event. Your sponsorship has helped us pull it off with great glory. In addition, we also had Baidu, MDEC, AI Time Journal, LJZ Forums, and Raffles University join us as partners in making this convention a triumph.

We thank our sponsor, partners, speakers, and staff for making this conference possible. Whether you could register early or not, as long as you get in, we hope to see you next year – or even sooner.

Join IQI today! Be a part of a team that is aiming for even greater success in the upcoming year. We always embrace new innovations and technological breakthroughs with open arms.

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