2 MIN READListen up Malaysians, dive into the digital age for extra revenue.

Since the enforcement of the Movement Control Order on 18th of March 2020, Malaysians have been spending most of their time on their smartphones, surfing through the Internet nearly 24/7.

Instead of wasting liking Instagram posts and commenting on Facebook posts,  the Internet can be seen as a window of opportunity for them to develop any potential skills and turn them into alternative revenue streams.

So how can fellow Malaysians earn some side income in the midst of the global pandemic?

You could consider selling old gifts or items that may not have been collecting dust and build networks using social media as an easy way to earn extra cash conveniently.

You can use platforms such as Carousell for selling preloved goods while Freelancer.com can be a platform that could help you tap into potential customers.

Additionally, please do consider trying stock investing as one of the ways to generate income and sign up for an online investment platform that offers tips and smart features, allowing anyone to get a hand in investing.

Side note; stock investing may be difficult to consider now, especially when you see stock markets worldwide are all in a bright red colour but start small.

Do what feels right for you!

Invest in what you know and what you’re interested in and for those who don’t have the time or knowledge to do it on their own, you can choose to study other people’s investment strategies on platforms available on the App or Play Store, for free!

With the Internet at your fingertips, the world can truly be your oyster, placed on a silver platter for you to savour the taste of success.

Don’t be a victim of the current circumstances but emerge out of your shell stronger and hopefully more financially sound. 

Sign up with us to unlock your potential through IQI Global Business Opportunity Blockbuster!

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