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How to be property Agent in Malaysia


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Everyone has different reasons why they think becoming a property agent is the correct career choice for them. They enjoy helping people buy the perfect home, reaping from the benefits of earning large earnings or exploring the real estate market’s excitement.

But, one question consistently comes from people looking to enter the real estate industry: “How do I become a real estate agent and what do I need to know?”

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1. The difference between Real Estate Agent (REA) and Real Estate Negotiator (REN)

2. The career life of a Property Agent

3. Choosing the right platform

4. Training you need to become a Property Agent

5. Finally, apply for the Real Estate Negotiator (REN) license

1. The difference between Real Estate Agent (REA) and Real Estate Negotiator (REN)

Before starting writing any chapters on life as a property agent, the first step is to understand the differences between a real estate negotiator and a real estate agent.

Real Estate Negotiator (REN) individuals work alongside licensed real estate agents (REA) but do not have full qualifications and accreditation. Real estate negotiators are still accredited in their own way and must be registered with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers (BOVAEA).

They must attain the following requirements to be employed by the Real Estate firm; they must attend a two-day course on Real Estate and be issued a certificate of attendance. With the certificate, they can seek employment on a ‘Contract of Service’ or ‘Contract for Service’ with a Real Estate firm.

Whatever real estate agency associated with them will apply for the REN Tag with the BOVAEA.

BOVAEA will certify and designate a REN number & issue a tag to the REN. Only then can the firm employ the REN and represent sellers, landlords, buyers & tenants in selling and marketing properties.

Real Estate Agents (REA) are individuals who attend two years of courses to attain a Diploma in Estate Agency, two years of practical training under the supervision of a fully qualified REA, moderated by BOVAEA.
After that, the agents will submit a work log of their experience to the BOVAEA for appraisal and approval. 


2. The career life of a Property Agent

Do you like chatting up to people and visiting houses? You love talking to people about real estate, their lives, and family by becoming an agent. They love meeting people, bringing people together, and getting what they want – resulting in a lot of negotiation and relationship building.

Do you enjoy a bit of flexibility and colour variety? You do not need a physical office to return and leave every day. Your office has many possibilities, from a coffee shop to your favourite Kopitiam, with most of the necessary tools you need being on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Do you enjoy helping people from all walks of life? Many real estate consumers don’t know much about the industry – as a property agent, who can provide advice for packing and moving, cleaning and repairs, inspections and appraisals, financial assessments, and property analysis.

Do you enjoy being your own boss? However big or small, the growth of your business is in your hands. By being your own boss, you decide how many clients or transactions you want to handle, how to market yourself and your listings, and how to serve your clients.

Do you want to learn many opportunities? The real estate profession isn’t just about real estate. It also involves economics, regulations, construction, design, psychology, strategy, appraisal, environmental issues, marketing, and negotiations.

Realtors are always learning new things and improving their skills and processes.

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3. Choosing the right platform

The process of picking an agency can start early, as it is required that you be affiliated with an agency when you take your REN licence exam. Don’t let the process of finding the perfect agency intimidate you.

Commission System – Understand the company’s commission system before joining. Does the pay come on time, have there been any delays, will the company deduct the commission without reason, etc. Don’t simply choose a company without doing any sort of research, online and offline included.

Training and Support – In the real estate market, you need to ensure you continue learning and improving yourself to become the Top Dog of Sales. Find an agency that provides a wide range of training that helps you grow as a person and an agent, such as building self-confidence, self-grooming, mastering successful sales skills and exploring digital marketing.

For example, at the agency of IQI, we provide free training courses, including several regions in Malaysia offering free training sessions every week.

A Growing Environment – When you find the company with a positive vibe and a happening environment, it can encourage the REN to challenge themself and have more momentum to achieve a better result for a better future for themselves.

Reliability – The last and most important part for any agency; how is reliability? Before you become a REN, make sure you join a company with a support system to take you further and beyond.
The better the reliability, the better is their management system which results in stable growth and minor problems.


4. Training you need to become a Property Agent

The journey of becoming a property agent can be officially explained on the BOVAEA website, which can be broadly broken down into;

REN will need to pass the Negotiator Certification Course (NCC), which takes roughly two days before BOVAVEA can recognize them. You will learn a broad range of topics in those two days, such as real estate law and economy, property management and valuation, accounting, and more.

5. Finally, apply for the Real Estate Negotiator (REN) license

You will need to attend a compulsory two-day course in Malaysia before registering as a Real Estate Negotiator (REN).

As of 29 May 2014, the BOVAVEA has decided to standardise the two-day course module for the negotiator’s certification exercise. They are required to certify with the Board to conduct real estate transactions.

This is part of the board’s effort to improve professionalism and weed out illegal brokers.

This article isn’t meant to scare anyone away from real estate but is offered to be an honest look at the real estate business. It can be a gratifying career if you are self-motivated, hard-working, honest, and enjoy networking and helping people.

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