A price guide to a home renovation in 2021

Who does not enjoy a home renovation? Especially in their own image?

Some like it simple with white walls and minimalist furniture; some prefer to decorate with abstract wallpaper and low ceilings. Others want accents from their favourite movies or tv show.  

Whichever style you pick to showcase your personality, start with this; how much would I need for a home renovation?

What are you looking for?

[Before you start any renovating, keep these questions in mind.]

  1. Ceiling
  2. Kitchen Area
  3. Flooring
  4. Walls
  5. Electricity-related Equipment 
  6. Water-related Equipment
  7. Storage Space
  8. So, what is the overall price?

Before you start any renovating, keep these questions in mind:

  1. Prepare a floor plan – know every detail of your home, inside and out. 
  2. Why are you renovating? 
  3. Which room holds the most value in your home? Spend the most time in those rooms before moving on to those on the lower priority list.
  4. What are the specifics you want for each room? Do you wish a round or rectangle dining table? Will there be a mini library in one of the rooms? Is a bathtub necessary for your Lush obsession?
  5. Share sample photos of interior design ideas so contractors can have a clear picture of what you want. 
  6. Decide what the budget you are comfortable spending on your home renovation is.
  7. Speak to those who have done house renovations in the past to find out how much you should put aside. 


1. Ceiling

As many are fans of the Property Brothers, they too would share the excitement on the chosen family’s first impression on entering the newly renovated home, shouting “Look at that living room!”

But we often neglect the lookup to the ceiling. By adding the right design to the ceiling, you create a certain depth and providing a sense of correlation to the whole space – and not become a plain, old ceiling. When choosing a material, go for plaster – due to its affordable price for homeowners who preferred to focus more on other rooms or maintain a low-cost budget.

If you are a fan of natural lighting, opt for the type of ceiling where light is allowed to protrude, becoming very popular with Scandinavian style houses.

Material Estimated Price*
Plaster Ceiling – RM 3.50/sqft ~ RM 5.50/sqft
Ceiling With Light Trough – RM 15/sqft ~ RM25/sqft


2. Kitchen Area

Now we got a nice looking ceiling to be ogle over by visitors, time to impress their stomachs through the kitchen – another important area at home.

If you’re renovating your home to be rented out, look towards the plan of a low-cost budget – focusing on essentials such as a stovetop, plenty of storage, a basic oven or microwave, and a functional sink.

For example; use a countertop with marble coverings and topped with resin instead of natural stones like granite or marble. A much cheaper and more durable option. Installing a built-in oven, hob and hood can be costly, but most branded ovens such as Electrolux and Elba will do just the trick.

Material Estimated Price*
Simple Renovations – RM20,000 to RM25,000
Basic Cabinets and Countertops – RM3,000

If incorporated with high-end materials such as quartz or granite – RM10,000 and above

Built-In Ovens/Hobs/Hoods – 10,000 and above

Branded Ovens – RM2,000 to RM2,500.


3. Flooring

How was breakfast? Good? Great! Now we have a full stomach and your dream kitchen ready for future brunches, shall we look into floorings?

The most common choices would be either vinyl flooring or laminated flooring. Due to Malaysia’s tropical weather and its proximity to water the climate is often quite humid. As vinyl and laminated flooring are water-resistant, it is a perfect combination for homeowners who wishes a hassle-free method of taking care of their space. 

For the pursuit of natural and atmospheric style, wood flooring is usually the choice of such owners. In commercial spaces, such as office environments, the more common type of flooring is carpet.

Material Estimated Price*
Vinyl Flooring – RM4.50/sqft ~ RM12/sqft
Laminated Flooring – RM 10/sqft ~ RM14/sqft
Wood Flooring – RM 15/sqft ~ RM 30/sqft
Carpet – RM 4.50/sqft ~ RM 15/sqft


4. Walls

A recap; you got the top and bottom part of the house done and dusted – how about the walls?

Please bear in mind that walling materials are limited to only concrete or wood due to Malaysia’s weather. But your options to decorate are abundance from your choices in paint or decorative wallpaper according to the style you like – simple and clean or wild with colour.

For example, the wall behind the king-sized bed in the master bedroom can either choose a vibrant coloured wallpaper to become the centrepiece of the room and decorate the rest of the walls with paint to match the chosen wallpaper.

Type Estimated Price*
Paint – RM40/sqft
Wallpaper – RM50/sqft 

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5. Electricity-related Equipment

While you have a beautiful house to come home too, if the electricity is not properly handled, a massive headache will come to greet you every time you see a power point. 

Ensure all power-related parts all included in the house planning such as;

  • lighting
  • power points
  • telephone lines (if needed since most houses are relying on smartphones)
  • fan junction points

Especially for rooms with high electricity consumption such as kitchens, living room and bedrooms, ensure to make early arrangements for outlets and electricity in the mentioned rooms/space. 

Do take note of the installation price will also include the cost for materials, labour, etc. – as some contractors may only set up the placements, but you might need to hire a third-party electrician. Ask the equations firstly before deciding based on your budget. 

Type Estimated Price*
Lighting point – RM80/no. ~ RM95/no.
Power point – RM90/no. ~ RM130/no.
Telephone point – RM140/no. ~ RM160/no.
Fan – RM60/no. ~ RM90/no.


6. Water-related equipment

The bathrooms and the kitchen will use enormous water, especially if living with a large group. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the plumbing equipment in these spaces is completed, so that you and your family can live in comfort and happiness.

The most common bathroom works would include;

  • tiling
  • piping works
  • toilet fittings
  • sink
  • cabinet
  • towel rails

Do take note of the installation price will also include the cost for materials, labour, etc. – as some contractors may only set up the placements, but you might need to hire a third-party plumber.

If your bathrooms are already functional and a new look is needed, they can be completed for RM8,000 or less. However, if you want to add a bathtub to try the many bath bombs offered by Lush, that would cost an additional RM3,000 to RM6,500.

Type Estimated Price*
Kitchen Sink – RM350
Toilet Basin – RM250
Water Heater – RM200
WC – RM350
Water Tap – RM150 ~ RM250


7. Storage Space

As homeowners continue to accumulate more and more items, they cannot live without, available space in the home dwindles – unless careful planning is in place. 

Of course, some items are used daily, but if you find yourself struggling to keep your home organized, or are feeling the squeeze of limited space, moving unused items to designated storage space is the answer.

Type Estimated Price*
TV Console/Cabinet – RM200/fr ~ RM350/fr
Shoe Cabinet – RM300/fr ~ RM550/fr
Kitchen Cabinet (Wall and Base) – RM150/fr ~ RM350/fr
Wardrobe – RM350/fr ~ RM550/fr


8. So, what is the overall price?

After having a thorough reading on how much would you need for a home renovation, you might two questions; “When can I begin?” or “These are too many numbers, my mind is gonna explode from the calculations!”

So, to prevent anyone’s mind from exploding here’s a rough budget based on the type of property;

Different Properties with Estimated Minimum Budget*
High rise properties such as Condos – RM70K ~ RM80K or above
Terrace houses –  RM 100K and above
Semi-detached house / Detached house – RM200K and above

*Please note that the actual renovation price will vary according to the homeowner’s needs and materials.

Instead of making regrettable decisions, why not appoint a trustworthy and experienced renovation company to provide you with modern and sleek designs, advice on style, material selection, installation arrangement and many more!

If you are looking for such a company, IQI Concept is definitely the right choice!

They provide unique services such as;

  • 3D conceptualisation
  • Drafting
  • Construction and extensions
  • General work or customization

And the best part? A dedicated team manages your future projects to provide the best service and cater to homeowners with low-cost or high-end budgets.  

Be proud of your home and decorate the walls with the colours of your life!

And with IQI and IQI Concept, we have a dedicated team to help you find that inspiration within.


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