Get To Know the Amazing Team We Have In IQI Malaysia!

IQI Global is an international real estate brokerage platform that has grown from 10 agents in 2011 to 23,000 agents in 21 countries including Malaysia by 2021, with a strong focus on real estate technology.

Strategically Placed in Malaysia, We Have 7 Dedicated Teams Here.

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‘A’wesome, ‘C’razy & ‘E’xtraordinary fightersIQI ACE — Malaysia

ACE founder and IQI GVP Calvin Law said ACE represents ‘A’wesome, ‘C’razy & ‘E’xtraordinary fighters.

“We want to be an international team player to benefit our investors with various investments around the world.”

Founded in 2012, IQI ACE has always been a team that works together and is ambitious in their business, connected and empowered by their people.

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Degree of success for everyoneIQI SUCCESS ONE— Malaysia

Success One founder and IQI GVP Sunny Leow founded the team in 2013, and their goal has remained steady until now.

“To be recognized globally as one of the top successful teams, to inspire businesses, and to create a vision that inspires generations—make the impossible possible.

As a team with a wealth of experience, Success One has always led the way over every hurdle to solve problems and achieve a broader perspective.

An Elite team that prioritises teamwork. We gather to pool our resources and influence our team members. IQI ELITE — Malaysia

When discussing the Elite team founded in 2016, founder and IQI GVP Aaron Siow described an Elitian as a problem solver and a self-motivator, packed with the tenacity to pursue every lead hustle assertively to chase clients. 

“In IQI Elite Group, we believe agents need to be proficient in verbal communication to transmit information and to not hard sell!” 

“Getting yourself valuable knowledge is fundamental for a REN to provide quality service.”

#Working happily to achieve your dreams #Working together as one family to win the worldIQI UNITED— Malaysia

IQI united was founded in 2011. At that time, they were known as RINA; in 2020, RINA, Malaysia’s third-largest real estate agency group, merged with IQI—making us IQI United.

The team founder and VP Jordan Yeoh & Fiona Chin believe that the core vision of United is to unite as a team, regardless of geography or class, and to integrate “i” into the team.

“Learn from the system, to support each other, to share, to grow and to succeed!”

“A team that grows together, a brand that lasts forever”IQI IREALTY — Malaysia

iRealty VP Muhazrol Muhamad is so proud when he talks about team iRealty, founded by a group of Bumiputera Agents.

“The team name represents Iman, Respect, Enthusiasm, Amazing, Loyal, Trust & Yield.”

And this reflected that team iRealty is always determined to find the best solution for property investors.

iRealty team was founded in 2016, and in 2020, iRealty merged with IQI to seek more ambitions and achievements. 

A group of warriors who will support, assist and promote the personal dreams and desires of another person to make everyone dreams come true.IQI Dreammakerz— Malaysia

One of the founders of IQI Dreammakerz and VP Larry said Dreammakerz integrated with Juwai IQI Real Estate Technology Group to commit to building a personalised and refined real estate platform and network. 

“With their platform, we could lead customers & partners out from Asia, and make sure their investment portfolio will follow the world trend.”

Dreammakerz Team VP and another founder Victor Lim said, the best line he could use to describe the team is “we dare our dream big, we endure sharing, we must do our best, we are fearless to change; our spirits are connected”.

IQI Dreammakerz has provided thoughtful property advisory services to our clients with this notion in mind from 2017 until now. 

Connect and Support IQI CS— Malaysia

IQI CS was founded in 2013. The founder and IQI GVP Chen Tse Ping mentioned that CS Group consists of passionate and dedicated agents.

“We have a common goal of wanting to achieve more in their lives such as establishing a work-life balance lifestyle besides gaining attractive income.”

Chen said, CS Group has been rapidly growing, and consists of 3,000+ registered real estate negotiators today.

“Meanwhile, our mission is to be the leading global real estate advisory and marketing firm, utilising international best practices and living by our core values and principles.”


If you’re looking for a team that can help you make the best property purchase or investment decisions, come to us! We have seven dedicated teams across Malaysia who are all ready to serve you! 

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