1 MIN READGeneration X, Y, Z | Perspective on Property [Part 2]

In Part 1, we discussed how buying trends to technological advantages could affect generations make decisions that can put these property negotiators ahead of the competition.

Here is Part 2 on IQI negotiators’ perspective from Generation X, Y and Z  and their experience in the property industry.

5. People keep saying technology changed the real estate industry and how REN perform their work. Do you agree with that statement, and can you share with us your experience?

How property negotiators from generation think - Part 2


6. Do you think that being a Property Negotiator is easy in any generation?


7. What is the characteristic that you should have to become a successful REN?


8. Any tips for any new property negotiators?

Calling all potential property negotiators – are you ready to take up the generational challenge? Have no fear, as we have agents from all generations to guide you along the way.

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