From Paper to Pixels: Juwai IQI’s Transition to a Digital Workflow with the SuperApp IQI Atlas

As a global technology-centred property company, we aim to find ways to seamlessly blend technology with our vision for growth and take our business to new heights. At the same time, data and technology powered the core backend of the company from its very start. I remember the moment we envisioned a platform that transforms property agents from pen and paper and disparate systems onto a single platform that we called Atlas. The vision for Atlas was a turning point for our company.

As someone dedicated to driving success, I am always looking for technological innovations that can benefit our operations and make a positive difference for our team and customers. Adopting new technologies can bring numerous advantages to a business, including streamlined decision-making, increased profitability, higher productivity and fostering a culture of growth and innovation.

In this article, I will share how Juwai IQI‘s SuperApp Atlas played a crucial role in our transition to a more efficient and sustainable way of working.

  1. IQI Atlas and the Start of a Greener World 
  2. The Reengineered and Digital Sales Process 
  3. New Carbon Emission 
  4. What IQI Agents Have to Say About IQI Atlas
  5. Together We Can Create a Better World


IQI Atlas and the Start of a Greener World 

At Juwai IQI, we have built a company culture centred around embracing change. The team and I have been focusing on change and building and adopting technologies that drive growth, allowing us to go paperless and reduce up to 310,000 papers yearly. This wouldn’t have been possible without the development of the IQI Atlas SuperApp.


The Reengineered and Digital Sales Process 

The SuperApp is a revolutionary digital platform that aims to digitize every aspect of life, from sales processes to climate impact awareness. It provides agents with a seamless and efficient way to access and manage their tasks, including the sales process. To support this goal, it offers a range of powerful sales tools, including:

  1. E-signature: This tool allows agents to sign documents digitally, eliminating the need for paper.
  2. Manage my deal: This feature helps agents and homebuyers to track sales progress online and keep track of key details.
  3. Transaction Flow: Atlas guides agents on the process from the moment an agent acquires a consumer (most likely using the automated marketing and lead flow tools in Atlas’s Marketing Centre). For example, the owner and company will typically agree on terms such as duration and commission to secure a property. Atlas creates these documents automatically, sends them out for digital signatures, and continues the process when all signatures have been validated. After a sale has concluded, Atlas already has most of the documentation required for verification and processing an agent’s commission, thus reducing the time and resources spent on this part. Additionally, documents such as confirmation letters, official receipts, power of attorney letters, or bank-in slips can be created and submitted online.

The SuperApp and IQI Atlas offer a range of sales tools to help agents streamline and optimize their sales process digitally, including E-signature, Manage my Deal and Subsale claims, which not only provide agents with everything they need to succeed in the digital world but also encourage a greener world with the reduced consumption on the usage of paper.

One of the critical areas of thought when reengineering processes is to take a non-biased, top-down approach. This will help reduce redundancies in what may have been required for a manual, paper-driven operation. Importantly, it will provide the opportunity to completely re-think the approach, potentially reducing the time, effort and resources that go into that new process. This helps drive a business and the areas mentioned previously of streamlined decision-making, increased profitability, higher productivity and fostering a culture of growth and innovation.


New Carbon Emission 

We recently announced the development of a new carbon emissions calculator in IQI Atlas, which will provide data on the environmental impact and home running costs. Our goal is to empower consumers with greater awareness of the ecological impact of their homes and to enable them to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption. This function plays a significant role in communicating the benefits of new green buildings to potential homebuyers. It will be able to report the carbon emissions of properties, along with the daily carbon footprints of the people who live there, making it easy to compare the sustainability of houses. As a result, it will yield greater investments as green homes can be sold at a premium.

By integrating a climate emissions calculator into Atlas, we plan to feed data to third-party portals and our real estate listing portals in the Juwai IQI ecosystem.


What IQI Agents Have to Say About IQI Atlas 

IQI Atlas would only be a success with our IQI agents, or Warriors as we call them. We value constructive feedback, so it’s only fair to hear what they have to say:

 “With regular training and communication, technical support with ‘Atlas’ for sales tracking, listings, and marketing, it becomes effortless to be successful quickly.”

– Joseph Wu, IQI Canada 

  “IQI Atlas has played an important role in helping me expand my business model. Not only can I transform my leadership in a greater perspective and vision, but I can also make all my agents’ work easier, faster, better, and hassle-free with Atlas.”

– Mandy Chen, Head of International Sales of IQI 


Together We Can Create a Better World

I believe that we can make this world a more livable place; Juwai IQI is committed to empowering agents to work efficiently and improving the world’s livability. Through IQI Atlas, agents can work from anywhere, anytime, allowing them to be more efficient and successful. It provided powerful sales tools to help agents achieve their goals in a straightforward, efficient, and environmentally friendly way.

Additionally, the platform features a carbon emissions calculator to further our dedication to sustainability and equip consumers with the means to make informed environmentally-friendly choices.

With IQI Atlas, we strive to leave a lasting positive impact on the world we call home. I invite you to join forces in making this world a better, greener place with the power of technology.

“One vision to make this world a better place.”


Contributed by,
Nabeel Mungaye

Nabeel is a digital adoption advocate & technologist who is passionate about digital disruption. As Group COO & CIO of Juwai IQI, Asia’s global real estate technology group that powers property transactions and ownership locally & globally, he oversees engineering teams & leads the development of South East Asia’s first end-to-end real estate platform. The platform has propelled IQI to be recognised as a pioneer of end-to-end technology-based real estate across 15 countries.

Enter the new age of digitalization the right way when you join like-minded individuals who aim high for success! Let IQI pave your way to greatness by enquiring now!

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