What are the Benefits of Joining IQI Global as a Real Estate Agent?

Looking to dive into the world of real estate? Joining IQI Global as a real estate agent is an absolute no-brainer!

With their awesome perks and benefits, IQI Global sets their agents up for success. These agents are true pros who help clients navigate the often complicated and stressful process of buying and selling properties.

So, if you’re interested in real estate and have top-notch communication and marketing skills, IQI Global is the perfect place for you!

Who are IQI Global’s property agents?

IQI Global’s property agents are individuals who work as real estate business representatives appointed by IQI Global. They are responsible for promoting, selling, and introducing real estate products offered by IQI Global.

IQI Global’s agents are also responsible for helping their clients find and buy their dream home and ensuring that transactions go smoothly, with a good understanding of the real estate market. They are also skilled in communication and marketing to help them succeed in this field.

What are the benefits that IQI Global offers to their agents?

IQI Global offers a number of exciting benefits for their agents and negotiators. The better the performance, the grander the rewards!

Here are some of the many benefits that you can receive as a real estate agent in IQI:

1. Exciting Travel Incentives

Insentif percutian menaiki kapal pelayaran secara percuma bagi ejen yang mencapai sasaran

First of all, IQI Global offers very lucrative travel incentives for their real estate agents to motivate, enhance productivity and help them reach their targets. This also allows them to reap the results of their labour and release pressure and stress.

Our agents have managed to explore these locations around the globe as a token of their service for achieving their targets:

Destination Year
Hokkaido, Japan 2015
Bali 2017
Brussels, Belgium 2017
Amsterdam, Netherlands 2017
Italy 2018
Osaka, Japan 2018
Shanghai 2018
Switzerland 2018
Finland 2019
Norway 2019
Gold Coast, Australia 2019
Maldives 2022
Portugal 2022


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To top it off, these are some of the upcoming travel incentives that our top-performing agents get to enjoy this year:


Insentif percutian ke Bangkok

Insentif percutian ke Singapore


2. Exclusive Property Discounts

Insentif rumah

IQI Global truly goes above and beyond to support their agents in their sales efforts. IQI Global also provides exclusive property discounts to their agents, serving as an excellent motivation to sell more and perform at their best.

By providing agents with these exclusive discounts, IQI Global not only incentivizes them to sell more, but also helps them to better understand the properties they’re selling. This allows them to provide better advice and recommendations to their clients, helping to build trust and increase client satisfaction.


3. Luxury Car Incentives

Insentif kereta mewah kepada kumpulan CS

At IQI Global, success is not only celebrated, but rewarded in style as a unique and exciting way to recognize and reward their hard work and success.

It also helps real estate agents to elevate their personal brand and reputation in the industry. It shows their clients that they are successful and trustworthy professionals who have a proven track record of success.



4. Tech device rewards

Senarai nama ejen yang mendapat kelayakkan untuk insentif gadget


Attractive tech device rewards are also another benefit for IQI agents as a form of support in achieving their sales targets. This incentive not only helps agents to stay focused and committed to their work, but it also allows them to enjoy the rewards of their hard work and enrich their lifestyles.

With these rewards, IQI Global ensures that their agents feel valued and appreciated, helping them work even harder to achieve their goals.



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5. Group Incentives For Team Leaders

IQI Global provides group incentives for its real estate agents. This is a great way to encourage collaboration and teamwork among agents. At IQI Global, you will have the full support you need to build your own group or team with confidence.


6. Continuous learning and career growth

@iqiglobalKeeping track of your career has never been easier! 🤩Now, you can track your sales, performance, earnings and more within your device, with IQI Atlas! ✨Everything at a glance, in one place ✔️Download and explore the many features IQI Atlas has for you today! 📲♬ original sound – IQI Global

IQI is a firm believer in the power of knowledge and learning. IQI agents get access to cutting-edge mentorship programs, industry tutoring, in-house training programs and workshops that are aimed to hone their skills and ensure personal and entrepreneurial development on a regular basis.

Through the development of IQI Atlas and IQI Academy, IQI provides a myriad of training courses to the agents’ disposal in topics such as personal development, sales development and introduction to copywriting.

Join IQI Global as a real estate agent and unlock your potential for success in the industry. With the numerous incentives and advantages on offer, you can rest assured that you’ll thrive in the real estate business. The time is now!

Seize the opportunity and join IQI Global today!

Hard work and determination are rewarded with exceptional benefits at our company.

Take the first step towards becoming a successful real estate agent by joining IQI Global!

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