3 MIN READAs a REN, Focus on Your Strengths to Reach Success

Have you ever heard of focusing on your strengths and not your weakness?

As you start your path as a REN,  you might believe your weaknesses represent your greatest development opportunities – yet recent research suggests that this advice may not be the best answer. 

If you focus on strengths, you might have a better chance at success – just like one of our own, Joyce Yeoh, who believes having empowering, successful cultures are those that engage and capitalize on individual strong capabilities.

Let’s have a read how Joyce powered herself and her team by focusing on their individual strengths. 


Joyce Yeoh, utilizing her strengths in her success within IQI

Say hello to Joyce, a graduate in Psychology who joined the world of real estate to embrace the freedom of being her own boss.

When she graduated, she chatted with a friend who told her she took ten years before taking her parents on a holiday trip to Japan. It left Joyce thinking and if she wants to achieve such accomplishment and success, she needs to start using her strength and gave a career in real estate a chance.

Of course, becoming a new REN was not easy. Joyce experienced no sales in the first 6 months and has done so many ways to reach sales and clients – from handing out flyers to meeting new people from different industries but to no avail.

Despite shedding her tears and woes, Joyce never gave up. Instead, she focused on her small achievements and continue on those to set a long term goal. 


Three steps how to focus on your strengths

1. Identify your strengths and concentrate on them

Employees are encouraged to solicit input from others and identify the core strengths that make them unique, valuable, and passionate about their work. 

There are robust ways to discover your unique talents, abilities, and ways of thinking by talking with your manager, mentors, peers, or a career coach. Try them all and see what works. Online options such as Myers Briggs or Gallup Strengths are available and can help name strengths.  Self-understanding and self-support are key. Concentrating on your strengths brings a better sense of fulfilment and forward progress.


2.  Don’t make any comparison but approach people who inspire you for your growth. 

It’s a whole new world, and we have so much to learn from each other; explore the sides of yourself that you may not even think existed. Consider aligning yourself with people you may feel competitive towards and permit yourself to learn.


3. Offset your development areas by capitalizing on the strengths of others.

One of the greatest values of having a team and coworkers is the variety of perspectives, talents, and skills to complete the job successfully. While we cannot be experts at everything, we typically are surrounded by others who have the know-how to get things done successfully. Learn from those around you.  Capitalize on the strength of others, and while the work is ongoing, use the experience as an opportunity for observation and personal progress.


You’ve already taken the first step.

In simplicity, focusing on your strengths development can help you accomplish more.

The more you use and focus on your strengths, people will recognize you for those strengths – think about how they will start coming to you when they need someone with your unique skill set.

So if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this piece, you’ve already taken your first step toward growth.

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