Adapting New Technologies: Metaverse, AI and Digital Assets

As we enter past the digital revolution, we are brought towards a new era that goes beyond our knowledge and capacities towards technology as we know it. What does this new technological age mean for the average joe? And how are they relevant?

Today, we will look into various aspects of new technologies and how they serve to act as a conduit for the new era.  

  1. The Metaverse  
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  3. Digital Assets 


The Metaverse

The Metaverse is still a concept that has not been fully defined. But generally, it is a digital space encompassing virtual worlds that interact with one another. Imagine being able to explore worlds that go far and beyond your imaginations just from the comfort of your own homes, through dedicated goggles that take you to another world.  

The Metaverse creates opportunities like never before seen. From its aspiration to become a truly equal place where anybody in the world can enter, into its sprawling digital lands just like in the sci-fic movie, Ready Player One. In addition to that, the Metaverse also aims to elevate the commerce market by creating a space where users can buy, sell, and trade products and services while providing creators and industries an additional source of income. For instance, Facebook platform not only use for socialising but also has become a metaverse place and is now known as Meta. 

It’s hard to provide just one concrete example of what the Metaverse truly is, because like we said before – it is a concept that has yet to be fully defined. However, certain forms of digital entertainment can be relevant in this case like video games. Such as popular online games such as Minecraft and Roblox which provide a ‘sandbox’ like space which garners nearly 50 million daily users. Another representation of Metaverse is Ready Player One because of its open and shared virtual space where the players can be whoever they want and do everything they want, via their avatars. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Between all the terms being discussed in this write up, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the act of embedding intelligence towards machines so they can help make human life more convenient. This is refined by giving machines programming tools and techniques that increase the potential of streamlining work without the need for human monitoring.  

In a nutshell, AI helps humans make life more convenient. It also helps make more informed decisions through harvested data. Gone are the days where you spend so much time deciding on what to eat, your phone will list down recommendations based on your preferences!  

However, this doesn’t mean that AI seeks to replace your mind. It simply means giving machines a chance to understand, communicate, perceive and plan which can be a great asset to people in the long run.  

Certain examples that you can see from AI can include voice-controlled personal assistants that come exclusive with Apple and Samsung devices such as Siri and Bixby. The benefits of these AI personas and many, such as the hands-free operation of phones and other digital devices.  


Digital Assets

A digital asset is exactly what it is. A digitally unique and identifiable that can be recognised as value in the digital space. This includes any format of text, audio and video. Digital assets can be owned by individuals or enterprises. As a whole, digital assets have three key features which are:  

  • Fully owned by an individual or a company  
  • Provides value  
  • Is searchable and discoverable  

Digital assets provide value in a way that it provides a digital representation of products and services that an individual or companies provide. There are also certain exclusive digital assets that cannot be replicated such as specific photos or videos.  

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