ADAPT 2020 | Supercharged towards new era of technological innovation

ADAPT 2020 | Supercharged towards new era of technological innovation

With over 200 speakers and 100,000 plus attendees from all around the world, our very first #ADAPT International Convention 2020 was a success! 

By broadcasting it virtually through WebinarJam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Baidu webpage from China –  we had a truly global conference with speakers from multiple continents and many countries – such as Australia, India, the United States and Mexico.

Check out the highlights of our extravagant #ADAPT International Convention 2020!


Organized by Juwai-IQI, one of Asia’s largest PropTech Groups, Juwai IQI was dedicated to empowering residents of Asia to become residents of the world. This virtual convention, one of the world’s largest tech convention, will mark the first digital instalment of their latest annual convention.

One of the keynote speakers, which pioneered the event, was Kashif Ansari, Juwai IQI Group CEO.

Kashif Ansari reminded the virtual audience of the importance of skills development and lifelong training, explaining why they are priorities for every individual – especially in a time of crises and uncertainty in the upcoming 2021.

Broadcasted in over 30 different languages such as Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi and Urdu – participants worldwide experienced and benefited this 4-day conference packed with exclusive content right in the comfort of wherever they desired – be it at home or in the office.

Through this encounter, Juwai-IQI sees a great opportunity for prominent individuals from all walks of life to network and expand their portfolio –  either a business or personal perspective.

The many keynote speakers at ADAPT 2020.
The many keynote speakers at ADAPT 2020.

By inviting more than 200 entrepreneurs, founders, directors and investors from some of the most respected global organizations around the world such as Coca Cola Co, Fave, Celcom, Malaysia Digital Economy (MDEC), Tune Protect Group Berhad and many more.


Kashif Ansari (Group Chief Executive Officer, Juwai IQI)

Why can’t we immediately be successful when pursuing a career in sales? Let us be honest that is unrealistic.
Yes, people in sales do make a lot of money – more than doctors, lawyers and pilots. But why we are not experiencing this success, is the lack of fundamentals.
First of all, be thankful for what you have. By being thankful, you appreciate what you have and those around you.
Secondly, you have to train your mindset to react more positively. Never think of yourself, think of how your words and actions affect your surroundings.
Thirdly, have faith in your strengths. Believe that you can make achieve the impossible – if you trust yourself.
And if you get rejected, take it and continue your journey. Failures are meant to teach you a lesson to ensure you become a better salesperson.
Before I end, do remember – sales will happen if you remember the fundamentals from the heart.

Bruce Wells(Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Matterport)

We understand real estate is an ever-evolving industry.
Real estate is a global business; it needs to be agile enough to pace with technological advances, smart enough to deliver, engaging experience that digital-savvy clients demand to withstand unprecedented climates. Something all of us can relate with today. With it, only the strongest can emerge to the top among so many competition and drawbacks.

Good marketing plays a critical role in creating quality leads, which leads to genuine clients who are truly interested in our products.
It is the year 2020, and property business needs to get in touch with how it is marketing online and catch up with the current digital trends. Today, Matterport is ensuring to give clients an immersive and interactive experience such as 3D virtual tours to capture reality. Through these virtual tours, we provide and inside and outside tour of the property you wish to view without leaving your home. As the popularity for virtual tours rising, especially during these tiring times, we should ensure future business have these services to meet the demand and capture the horizon to ensure we stay relevant as years to come.

Simon Chester(Director, GEOCON)

Since established in 2008, Geocon, a fully integrated powerhouse property enterprise, had developed to become Canberra’s largest private institution. Geocon builds 1,500 condominiums yearly, and shapes the city skyline with the tallest residential towers and world-class developments. Canberra is often overlooked as a place just for residence, but it is actually also a place for investment. As Australia’s fastest-growing economy and city, it is also a home to more than 50 federal government agencies. Even in times of crisis such as the Covid-19 pandemic now, government agencies are expanding and growing.
The demand for land in the inland region exceeds supply, leading to the steady growth of 4-6% in property prices, vacancy rates lower than 1%, and has the highest yield of 5.7% in Australia. Other than that, Canberra also has the top 5 universities in the world, the newly built light rail transit, and the 0% foreigner stamp duty plus preferential policies.

Georg Chmiel( Group Executive Chairman, Juwai IQI )

Real estate has always been a hands-on industry, so to transform and digitalize the entire real estate experience is exciting, but challenging. We have a clear vision, to Empower Asian Consumers to be Global Residents. On November 2019, two super brands and IQI decided to come together, to fully utilize the sales, rent leads and property listing information, to offer end-to-end solution to real estate developers, landlords and agents across the world.
Integrating powerful data to push the industry chain’s development through a detailed growth strategy, Juwai IQI became one of the rare success stories in the midst of a pandemic, and is also recognized by China and worldwide media as the largest real estate technology group in Asia.


The audience of 100,000 of ADAPT 2020 had the pleasure to listen to these esteemed speakers shared their success stories, breakthroughs and personal experiences to help the audience’s journey towards achieving their goals.

By also partnering up with Baidu, a Chinese multinational technology company, Juwai-IQI believed this unique initiative would be able to offer rich value and insights for global entrepreneurs to accelerate in knowledge, technology and digitization. 

This partnership provided our audience with valuable information that will surely leave an impact, supercharging them towards a new era of technological innovation.

As part of a global, diverse group of individuals, we are proud of our ability to combine global insights and industry practices with a thirst for knowledge.

ADAPT International Convention 2021 is now in preparation! Sign up TODAY to get an Early Bird Promotion as you count the days for #ADAPT2021.

Join IQI!

Be part of the team to experience the many success we have in planning for 2021. 

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