4 MIN READ8 Best Cafes In Bangsar You Have To Visit

Bangsar is a place that is never short of good food. Steak, Korean deserts, giant milkshakes, pastries, you name it they have it. While it is nearly impossible to visit every eating joint, we can help you narrow down the list. Here are eight cafes you absolutely must visit in Bangsar.


1. WonderMama

This café has an artistic ambience where you can sit back and chill with your friends while sipping on a cup of teh tarik. They have a long list of unique Malaysian dishes giving it a little twist that you won’t see in most other café’s. Our favourite dish was the salted-egg yolk fried rice; make sure you try the sambal with it, you won’t regret it.


2. Breakfast Thieves

Breakfast Thieves originally comes from Australia and it brings the best of its Melbourne breakfast here to KL. The café looks like a glasshouse with its floor to ceiling windows, light coloured pillars and furnishings. As for the food, we recommend the 24-hours slow braised beef cheeks with Yuzu-infused egg benedicts. It is a bit on the expensive side; however it is worth it. You will remember the taste for weeks!


3. Antipodean Cafe

Antipodean Café, is a perfect place to grab a nice cup of coffee. They serve delicious breakfast dishes all day long, along with the coffee and pastries. We tried their lip-smacking Lemon Meringue pie, which had just the right amount of sweet and sour to it.


4. Milk and Butter

From meat and egg masterpieces to pastry wonders, Milk and Butter has it all. If you want to throw a small party with your friends and family then this is the place for you. This is another place that serves you breakfast all day; and we definitely recommend their Eggs Benedict with turkey ham. It is so delicious, it is like you’re throwing a party in your mouth! So plan a great day out with friends or family!


5. Dr. Inc

This café is a place where the old meets the new, with its old-world charm yet modern design. Great artistic photographs adorn each corner of the café, and you can look at them while you enjoy your drink, like the Fat Americano we tried. It’s a tall glass of Coke plus a pour of freshly pulled espresso; it may sound like a strange concoction, but it is surprisingly good. They sometimes hold a food market, salad buffet and special weekend market. So be sure to visit them regularly.


6. VCR Café

Taking its name from the video recorder of the 70s, VCR Café is adorned with wood and steel furnishings, and concrete floors. The décor includes yellow hue lights with the counter and kitchen in darker colours contrasted by a little white shade. It is mainly a coffee bar and customers are spoilt for choice with coffee beans from around the world. The food menu consists of a good list of sweet and savoury dishes; we tried the Big Breakfast, and it was delicious and filling.


7. Yeast Bistronomy

If you want to experience an atmosphere and food with a little French flair then the Yeast Bistronomy is for you. It offers the best in French fusion cuisine, pastries and coffee. After you’ve eaten you can wash down your food with a with a cup of caffe latte, or a glass of wine if you feel like it. We had the Le Paris Province and it was tres magnifique (as the French say it).


8. Bean Reserve Coffee Roasters

Located in the quieter side of Bangsar, the Bean Reserve offers its customers a bounty of soft serves, sandwiches and delicious coffee which they themselves claim is as “good as gold”. The soft serves are the Bean Reserves star attraction, and takes each serving to an entirely new level. We tried their Cereal Milk soft-serve and it took us to cloud nine, there is nothing else like it.

Bangsar is a wonderful place, filled with hundreds things to do and even more places to visit. Start out with these 8 places to get a taste of the place and then you can work your way up from there.

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