5 MIN READ6 Signs to Change Careers And What You Can Do About It!

At some point in their working years, ask anyone around you who have considered making a career change. In contrast, many factors make that decision; lookout for a few signs telling you the time to make the change.

A career change may mean additional training, further education, and even starting over at a low-level position and beginning a new career path from scratch.

It’s not always simple, so here are 6 signs to list down if you need a career change of a lifetime.

1. You convince yourself to go to work every morning.

If the first act that pops into your head every morning is dragging your feet to work, that is already a red flag. While going to work is not as fun as going to Sunway Lagoon, it shouldn’t cause you to feel a sense of dread. 

If you are constantly calling in sick or spending time thinking up an elaborate backstory to get out of going to work, these are big warning signs to watch out for are.


2. You’re just following orders with no voice.

Every day you feel increasingly disconnected from your original reasons for entering the working world.

In the beginning, you were constantly sharing feedback and insight in your projects, yet your passions slowly die, and you are just a hollow shell – doing the bare minimum to survive. 

  • You’re underperforming
  • Your deadlines are slipping.
  • You lack the energy to fake enthusiasm about the company’s mission and vision.

If you can’t remember the last time you felt energized by a new idea or invigorated by your next project, it might be time to reevaluate your role.


3. You feel your path narrowing and heading to a wall.

Everyone experiences feeling stuck at work at some point in their career – but when you mentally hit a wall and find no other way around, over or under it, it becomes a problem when it becomes consistent.

Whether you’re stuck because there aren’t any opportunities, waiting for someone above you to quit to get a promotion, or you’re just no longer being challenged by the work you do, it takes a toll on you –  mentally and physically as time goes by.

If ultimately, you have trouble creating a professional development plan or setting goals on the job, then your job may have run its course.

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4. You are bored with your job. 

If you start to nod into lalaland in the first 30 minutes of 9 AM to 5 PM working hours, you are bored with what you do at work despite a good night’s sleep.

Why are you bored?

Is the work you’re doing not challenging enough?

Are you doing work that’s below your experience and skillset?

Are you just saying yes to your bosses to avoid getting fired?

Are you simply bored doing the same thing for a long period of time, and it’s become unbearably monotonous?

When your job stops being fun and interesting, it can be seen as human nature looking out for its survival.


5. Your current job is affecting your personal life.

Work should be challenging but not debilitating. If you’re chronically exhausted, losing sleep, suffering from headaches, or experiencing other physical symptoms, this may be your body’s way of telling you your career is not right for you.

Being permanently stressed can also impact your relationships with others close to you. Have your friends and family commented on your irritability or constant complaining? If work turns you into an unhappy or bitter person, start to explore activities that will make you feel like yourself again.


6. You daydream about a new career.

You spend your lunch breaks thinking about your new career?

You find yourself browsing job boards instead of work emails?

You cringe when people ask you what it is you do because you wish it were something different?

You’ve thought about leaving; you’ve even brought the idea up to friends in passing conversation?

If answer all YES, it’s time to go.


What can you do about these signs?

Start making a plan to find a job that embraces your passions because happiness is a key component of job performance and career advancement. 

Step 1: Take time to understand what exactly is causing you so much distress in your job. 

Step 2:Think back to when you first started in your current role. What were your motivations? Was it the day-to-day responsibilities? The promise of career growth? 

Step 3: Examine your values and understand what type of company culture will complement your personality.

Step 4: If it were not for money, time, location, or whatever other reason, what would you be doing?

Step 5: After a thorough self-assessment, map out your goals, identifying short-term milestones along the way, and give yourself reasonable timelines.

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