6 Free Apps and Software to Maximise Productivity for Real Estate Agents

Since the start of the pandemic, the implementation of the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) by the government has caused the closure of offices and schools around the nation for a period of time to help break the COVID-19 chain. Though many establishments have resumed operations, there are some companies that are requesting their employees to work from home.

Despite looser restrictions and the shift from physical to hybrid or fully online activities, property agents worldwide are still gradually adjusting to this transition period. The use of available technologies don’t necessarily have to be a burden – in fact, in can significantly improve operations and productivity. Read on to find out how you, as a property agent in Malaysia or anywhere in the world can utilize these free tools and software to maximise your productivity during this shift!

iqi atlas

1. IQI Atlas

IQI Atlas is the company’s in-house digital platform that brings accurate and up-to-date real estate information directly to the phones of the property agents. With this information, it is possible to create in-depth reports concerning projects, sales, property agents’ performance and many more. The generated reports are then analysed and used to make forecasts of what the market may be like in the future, and what can be implemented to improve overall performance.

zoho crm

2. Zoho CRM

If what you’re looking for is a platform that will help to manage your leads, then Zoho CRM is the right fit for any organisation. Zoho CRM can track the leads across the whole journey of the sales cycle. Users will be able to import and add leads to accounts, analyse data and improve on the conversion rates. Zoho offers much more than just a lead management system; it is also a powerful platform that has numerous features such as remote working tools, email campaigns, project management and many other capabilities that can help boost productivity levels.

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3. Slack

Slack is an application that helps co-workers to collaborate successfully in one place, ensuring better productivity levels whether you belong in a large organization or a small to medium business enterprise. Its interface allows you to organize communications for big group discussions or personal chats with co-workers to share information all in a single platform. Slack is available on any device, so working remotely will not be a hassle for you and your team.



4. Mudah.my

With the ongoing restrictions, there are other activities that you can partake in the meantime such as fixing up problems around the property that has been at the back of your mind for the past few years. Mudah.my offers services and solutions like renovation, plumbing, A/C servicing, cleaning, moving and many more. This is the perfect time to employ these services to turn a house into a home. Besides that, there are many other different services that you can engage in, which includes CCTV installations, tutors, tailors and caterers all in one platform that is Mudah.my.


5. Coach.me

Coach.me is essentially a life coaching tracking app which allows you to hire a coach for specific training. It is a tool that teaches and helps users in accomplishing the tasks that they set out to do. With this app, users can select a habit or leadership coach to assist in changing their bad habits or daily routine that is stopping them from reaching their goals. Other than that, even without employing the help of a coach, users will still be able to stay connected and keep up with self-improvement content through the Coach.me profiles.


6. Trello

Trello is a web-based application that allows you to effortlessly track and organize all of your tasks. It is a visual tool that is fairly easy to use as the layout looks neat and is in a card-based form. Users can add, edit notes, files and also create labels. Other than that, you may also view the progress being made on each card and add feedback or collaborators if needed. Through this simple interface, multiple users will be able to keep track of each task and its progress.

With all of these modern technologies, there are many ways to maximise productivity through the right tools and software. If you feel there is a need to, take a look at how you can use this time to brush up on some skills and boost productivity while staying mentally healthy! 

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Here in IQI, we provide an opportunity for you to master new technologies and gain knowledge on how to have a rewarding career as a property agent! Leave your details down below to join a leading international property agency.

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