Ehailing Malaysia: 5 Giants in the E-hailing Industry Besides Grab

The World of Ehailing Malaysia: 5 Giants in the E-hailing Industry Besides Grab

5 giants in the ehailing indsutry

With the advancement of technology, E-hailing services have grown quite prevalent in Malaysia and are now a need for every Malaysian. Let’s dive deeper into the article to find out what these e-hailing services are.

What are actually E-hailing Services?

E-hailing also known as the intermediation business, allows users to reserve public transportation using online applications. Taxis and e-hailing cars are some of these services provided by e-hailing online applications.


What is an E-hailing Vehicle?

A private car used to provide public transportation services to customers who make reservations through online applications is known as an “e-hailing vehicle.”

The car must be a motor vehicle with a maximum seating capacity of eleven people. The minimum requirement for an e-hailing vehicle is to have a seating capacity of 4 people including the driver. These e-hailing services are very common in Sarawak and Sabah.


Top 5 E-hailing Services in Malaysia:

1. AirAsia Ride

2. Maxim

3. Indriver Malaysia

4. Buddy Driver

5. Kumpool

You have an urgent meeting at work or need to get to the airport on time, but you’re too worn out to drive yourself! Don’t worry,  E-hailing services have you covered. Here are the best 5 e-hailing services in Malaysia to assist you to get about town without having to worry about parking or dealing with traffic!

1.  Airasia Ride:

airasia ride

source: SoyaCincau

In order to compete with major regional ride-hailing giant Grab, Malaysia’s low-cost airline AirAsia Group has introduced AirAsia Ride in the nation’s capital Kuala Lumpur. AirAsia Ride offers more affordable rates for passengers and reduced commission fees for drivers.

How to book a ride?

To book an AirAsia ride one needs to download the AirAsia super app. It is easily available on the play store and the app store both. Once downloaded the booking process is quite easy:

  • On the Airasia Super app, choose the ride icon.
  • Input the pick-up or drop-off points
  • Choose your preferred ride and check the information before booking your journey.
  • Await the arrival of your driver
  • Once you arrive at the location, rate your overall experience.

Unique Features/Services:

AirAsia Ride provides clients with reasonable pricing while providing drivers a smaller fee. Booking hotels, travel, and flights can all be done with a single fantastic app that combines everything. Every journey is guaranteed to be extremely pleasant and enjoyable by Airasia. Additionally, it includes a number of themes in its bundle, such as a joyful holiday theme or a theme for special relationships. In order to assure the comfort of both the driver and the passenger, they also provide a ladies-only ride.

Seamless and Connected Technology:

The AirAsia Group has created an algorithm and utilized its rich and extensive data to provide its customers with a smooth and connected travel experience. Through the ease of a single itinerary and without leaving the AirAsia Super App, customers can now make in-path bookings for their flights, ground transportation to and from the airport, as well as for their return trip, all at one.


2. Maxim:


source: Wikipedia

Maxim has been developing novel cab ordering technology since 2003, making e-hailing services more contemporary, convenient, and secure. Maxim allows clients to order cabs in any method they find most convenient, taking into account the differences between major cities and small communities. Drivers can identify and transfer passengers more effectively, decreasing passenger driving and idle time. The company began as a modest taxi ordering service in Shadrinsk, a little Ural hamlet. It was founded by young Kurgan engineers with expertise in industrial processes and manufacturing automation.

How to Book A ride?

The process of booking rides through all these apps is more or less the same. You can download the maxim app through the play store or app store and use it just like any other e-hailing application to book rides. You can also book maxim riders by filling form on their website or call at the provided number there.

Unique Features:

Maxim allows you to enter several addresses to go to on a single ride. Everything is saved in your account history, and you can quickly utilize the previously added addresses next time you use maxim to book a ride. This makes the booking procedure quick and easy. Maxim also provides food delivery service and cargo service. Using maxim riders, you may transport food or other items from one location to another. Maxim has also introduced female riders to challenge men’s dominance in e-hailing services.


3. Indriver Malaysia:

indriver malaysia

source: Facebook

An international e-Hailing platform called InDriver which is headquartered in California, USA with a claimed user base of 100 million has also entered into the Malaysian e-hailing market capturing Alor Setar, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kuala, Terengganu, Sibu, Bintulu, and many more cities as well including east Malaysian side.

How to Book A ride?

To book a ride one must install Indriver App available for both iOS and Android devices.

Unique Feature:

Real-Time Deals (RTD), a unique feature of inDriver, allows customers to book a ride by suggesting what they consider is a reasonable charge for the travel they wish to take. The network’s neighboring drivers will then decide whether to accept the proposed rate or, if not, ignore it or negotiate a lesser price with the customer.


4. Buddy Driver:

buddy driver

source: Buddy Driver

Powered by SOCAR, Buddy Driver provides experienced drivers who have gone through a rigorous screening procedure and have a 99% accident-free record.

Buddy Driver, in contrast to other e-hailing applications, offers qualified drivers to make sure that their customers’ commutes and outings are dependable and secure. Buddy Driver really focuses more on hiring the driver than the vehicle itself.

How to Book A ride?

Download the TREVO app from the play store or app store and have a fun ride with dependable and professional chauffeurs.

Unique Features:

  • Certified drivers who are trained to follow safety SOPs
  • Booking is easy and only requires a few clicks.
  • The service is available 24/7, day and night.
  • You can add multiple locations and change them.
  • Driver tracking is included within the app.
  • Inexpensive, with hourly rates beginning at RM50.


5. Kumpool:


source: Kumpool

Kumpool doesn’t allow users to choose the exact pickup or drop-off sites, unlike the normal car-based e-Hailing services like Grab. You must choose from the pre-selected stops that are indicated on the map since it operates like a minibus service. Depending on where you are right now, you can manually search or browse.

How to book a ride?

Download Kumpool’s app from the app store or play store. Kumpool’s enrollment process is simple; all you need to do is validate your cellphone number. You may begin booking right off by selecting your pick-up, drop-off, pickup time, and passenger count. The service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day and may accommodate up to ten persons. The frequency looks to be 20 minutes based on the time chosen.

Unique Features:

Kumpool only permits only one drop-off point, therefore if you need to execute numerous pick-ups and drop-offs, you must schedule them independently. You may also suggest a stop and submit a request for consideration using the app. Users are urged to arrive at the pick-up location 5-10 minutes before the estimated arrival time to avoid causing delays for other passengers on the same Kumpool vehicle. If you miss your ride, you must reschedule.


How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From E-hailing Services?

The primary responsibility of a real estate agent is to take potential clients on tours of various homes and properties so they may select the one they desire. In fact, a realtor’s life would not be complete without frequent trips between locations. Real estate agents may tremendously benefit from these e-hailing services and save their travel costs and time by taking advantage of the inexpensive prices and speedy service of these E-hailing vehicles offered all through Malaysia.


Pros and Cons of E-hailing Services:


  • Simple and Convenient

Electronic hailing programs let you hail a cab from anywhere, in a contrast to traditional taxis, which you must phone and wait for hours for or find on the street.

The cab will also arrive quickly, saving you time. In addition, the E-Hail account will be connected to your credit card, and you will receive an email with the receipt whenever the service is rendered and any deductions are made. The service is therefore secure and cashless.

  • Lower Transportation Costs

Relevant research indicates that E-hailing vehicles are less costly than regular taxis. This is due to the fact that E-Hailing applications employ metered rates to produce charges, in contrast to regular taxis where the fee is approximated based on distance.

  • Qualified and skillful drivers

The e-hailing business is regulated in several places. Taxi vehicles are kept in good condition and driven by qualified drivers with enough commercial insurance. You may track and keep an eye on the driver’s position and route when they accept an assignment.  The performance and ratings of the driver are made available to the passengers, allowing them to choose their preferred driver. Additionally, expert services ensure traffic safety.

  • Creation of Employment Opportunities

E-hailing programs have increased the taxi industry’s profitability, usability, and security. More people are now working in this profession as a result of being obliged to do otherwise. This gives many female riders the chance to compete on an equal footing with males.


  • Cancellations of Trips

Trip cancellations are one of the major drawbacks of E-hailing despite it being less expensive. When drivers cancel trips, it throws off the schedules of their customers, who may miss flights or be late for appointments and commitments.

  • Price Surge

Surge pricing is a free market pricing strategy in which fare costs fluctuate in response to supply and demand. E-hailing Vehicle prices during rush hours may double or treble, depending on demand. Most of the time, surge pricing annoys customers since it takes them by surprise.



Malaysia’s e-hailing industry has plenty of competitors. Although the majority of people will still utilize Grab, the other platforms offer equivalent value. Know that you always have a number of alternatives open to you, whether you’re looking for a trip with lesser expenses or one that better fits your unique demands.

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