The Brick Marvila R. Marvila 72 -197 Lisboa

The Brick Marvila

Contemporary Lifestyle Homes

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It is a gated community composed of 10 unique apartments designed individually to enhance well-being and comfort in modern and sophisticated spaces to enjoy authentic moments of leisure and family pleasure. Its large industrial-inspired windows, clean lines and solid bricks, together with other finishes and rich details, give the traditional shape a distinctly contemporary feel inside and out.

Project Features

Clean And Elegant Architecture

Full of style and distinction, each apartment is unique and was designed individually, both in terms of aesthetics and functional and ergonomic components, to provide a personalized response to a contemporary and demanding lifestyle.

The quality of the finishes and the interior design redefine the limits of the current luxury essential for comfort and well-being essential in everyday life. Enter the house, relax and enjoy the calm and tranquillity that space gives you.

Exclusive And Contemporary

Typologies that favour an open concept minimizing circulation areas, which leads to a continuity that is only interrupted in the private areas of the house. Luxurious and discreet, harmonious apartments with generous outdoor spaces, with a direct connection to the interior. The large windows promote real extensions of the room to private outdoor spaces and allow family and friends to live together, enjoying perfect leisure moments in different environments.


The project is located in the eastern part of Lisbon, in a parish in full development, and is currently the main axis of urban expansion of the metropolis. New trendy chic centrality, with art galleries, trendy restaurants, craft breweries, co-works, sports, and leisure spaces, which emerge in the city, gives rise to a new way of living. It is an area covered by a transport network, good access and in full Development.


The industrial spaces have been rehabilitated for business, creative and playful activities or replaced by new high-quality enterprises, boosting the installation of a sophisticated population with great aesthetic concerns and particularly attentive to new trends.


The price range of Highrise at The Brick Marvila in is between EUR275,000 - EUR 895,000 .
The Brick Marvila is located in R. Marvila 72 -197 Lisboa. Please check the property on the maps with us here - The Brick Marvila Address
Floor size of this unit at The Brick Marvila ranges between 608 - 2043 sqft .
The amenities available in The Brick Marvila are .

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