We are IQI


We look after our customers

It is our belief that business, values and results are inseparable. Values inspire trust, trust builds relationships and relationships drive growth.

Development Marketing & Advisory

IQI helps thousands of buyers to find a home and thousands of sellers to sell a home.

Property Management

We look after your property, giving you complete peace of mind.

Interior Design & Renovation

We prepare your property to be tenant ready. Learn More

Hospitality Services

We look at innovate ways to increase your property yield. Learn More

Proptech Accelerator

We enhance your property efficiency through the adoption of technology. Learn More

Education & Training

We educate you in all matters pertaining to property because we believe knowledge is power. Learn More


Our People

At IQI, our agents are constantly groomed and monitored to ensure they keep up with the industry’s demands. “We Enjoy Life” while working hard to achieve our dreams, and we seek to reward our warriors as they strive harder to accomplish new milestones and improve results.


Our Journey

In a short span of time, IQI has nurtured regional offices in 21 countries, with a strong global sales team of about 21,000 dedicated property and investment experts.

  • 2021
    IQI Portugal
    IQI Turkey
    IQI Mongolia
    IQI Pakistan
    IQI Bangladesh
  • 2020
    IQI Singapore
    IQI India
  • 2019
    IQI Vietnam
    IQI Cambodia
  • 2018 Thailand
    IQI Thailand
  • 2017 New Zealand
    IQI New Zealand
  • 2015 Philippines
    IQI Philippines
  • 2014 Canada
    IQI Canada
  • 2013 Australia
    IQI Australia
  • 2012 Malaysia
    IQI Malaysia
  • 2011 United Arab Emirates
    IQI Dubai