Platinum Bay

Let life be beautiful like summer flowers


Platinum Bay, a holiday resort of unmatched beauty. The project away from Kamala 180 meters. Located against Phuket Mountain, most of Platinum Bay buildings have terraced over the slope, granting a unique panoramic view and sunshine.

Project Features

The most beautiful bay at the foothills of Phuket.

The Kamala beach length 2313 meters along the Andaman Sea, at the foot of Phuket mountain, dominating the west coast of Phuket


Platinium Bay is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Kamala beaches. Kamala Bay's outstanding located in the central part of the west coast of Phuket allows it to bridge top holiday resorts in the north and the core business domain of the south. Through the coastal avenue, all regions of the island can be quickly reached with a 15 minutes drive to Patong Beach, 35 minutes to Phuket airport, and 40 minutes to Phuket town.

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