Villa Qabalah Moo 6 Banya Srisoonthorn Thalang District, Phuket , Thailand

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The Breathing Place

Qabalah is rooted in ancient Hebrew's word "Qibel", pronounced as "Kab-ba-la." It is the interpretation explanation of the bible. It is also spiritual teaching of life mystery, its origin and meaning of living life and how you can imply and improve your experience on earth. The concept of "The Breathing Place" is constructed from our beliefs. Villa Qabalah emphasizes sustainable design and sustainable living.

Pollution is a crucial problem in our world today. We inspire you to create a clean and uncontaminated environment for you to breathe in wholeheartedly whilst consistently avoiding chaos, toxic, and harmful energy. Villa Qabalah Project believes in the natural power of healing mentally and physically. We realize that nature is an essential part of human life. We respect the philosophy; therefore, we implement that ideal and correspondingly create this project.


Moss Pool Villa is our startup villa. As a duplex, each consists of bedrooms, living room, and dining room are connected to villa terrace, pool and first floor-bedroom. All rooms are connected with beautiful outdoor lighting, yet each section has its privacy and suitable space for functioning. With a 360 rooftop garden, it ultimately feels like a private jungle for yourself.


Fern Pool Villa is a three bedroom-villa surrounded by a verdant garden. The living area, dining room and all bedrooms are connected with the view of the swimming pool. The rooftop garden is parallel with the building that provides cosy shade and lighting inside the house for different moods during night and day.


Pine Pool Villa is a four four-bedroom with two floors. The living area, dining rooms, and first-floor bedrooms face the swimming pool located in the house. Outdoor lighting is set to shine in the courtyard on both floors. The main bedroom is upstairs, along with a massive rooftop garden. The outdoor space is vast that it can be developed to your lifestyle preferences.

Project Features

The Wood

Yakisugi wood is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation, literally meant “Burnt Cedar”. The wood becomes waterproof and more durable to perfect for building walls. Qabalah is located amid forest with rain during the season, the heat almost all year round, and high humidity. We trust Yakisugi is the best selection for outdoor design. Yet, Yakisugi is most fitting for interior décor as it gives cozy-Asian flair, comfort feels and is suitable.

The Rooftop

Step into Nature. All rooftop gardens for each villa and building blend with adjoining nature. They are meticulously constructed to look like a forest, so if you look from afar from all angles, they all balance in with nature and greenery. From a bird’s eye view, you will not be able to separate the building apart from the forest. Additionally, it helps cool the temperature down, which consequently help save energy for each building.

The Green Eco Energy

The Solar Power Generation is the route we choose for Villa Qabalah equipment. We use a solar electrical device to convert sunlight into electricity. This process will significantly save energy and provide stable power supply services for the property owners, paralleled to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Mineral Pool

Compared with traditional chlorine and saltwater pools, mineral pools are healthier alternatives to swimming pool sanitation. We use the mineral water fill in every unit’s pool. Our mineral pool systems contain naturally-occurring ocean minerals, including sodium and magnesium. All mineral pools like to generate a minimum amount of chlorine to keep your pool clean and prevent algae and bacteria.

  • Health Center
  • Yoga & Sauna
  • Smart Door-lock
  • Cafe & Restaurant
  • Multifunction Room
  • Juristic Management
  • Rooftop Farm & Garden
  • Pet-friendly Outdoor Area
  • Tree O’clock Cafe & Kitchen
  • 24 hrs-CCTV (security cameras)

Makro - 10 minutes
UWC School - 14 minutes
Boat Avenue - 10 minutes
Lotus Express - 8 minutes
Phuket Town - 25 minutes
Phuket Airport - 21 minutes
Porto De Phuket - 8 minutes
Bangtao Beach - 14 minutes
Blue Tree Phuket - 6 minutes
Robinson Phuket - 10 minutes
Thalang Museum - 11 minutes
Thalang Hospital - 10 minutes
Bang Maruan Park - 15 minutes
Bangpae Waterfall - 24 minutes
Bang Niao Dam Park - 12 minutes


We chose the location amid nature and a great environment with fresh air. We keep most of the green area with the Green Ideology, which means the buildings alongside nature and surrounding trees. All rooftop gardens for each villa are blended with adjoining nature. They are also built to help save energy and help cool down the temperature from the heat outdoor.

From a bird’s eye view, you will not be able to separate the buildings apart from the forest. Each living area/space is designed to blend with nature, where you can spot the green area from every room. There are three villa types with distinctive lengths and styles: Moss, Fern and Pine. All tropical plants resemble abundance, fruitfulness and longevity that reflect the Qabalah ideology of living in peace with nature.


The price range of Landed at Villa Qabalah in Phuket is between THB12,530,000 - THB 34,320,000 .
Villa Qabalah is located in Moo 6 Banya Srisoonthorn Thalang District, Phuket , Thailand. Please check the property on the maps with us here - Villa Qabalah Address
Floor size of this unit at Villa Qabalah ranges between 2559 - 6176 sqft .
The amenities available in Villa Qabalah are Health Center, Yoga & Sauna, Smart Door-lock, Cafe & Restaurant, Multifunction Room, Juristic Management, Rooftop Farm & Garden, Pet-friendly Outdoor Area, Tree O’clock Cafe & Kitchen, 24 hrs-CCTV (security cameras).

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