Taman Matang Jaya Taman Matang,  Matang

Taman Matang Jaya

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Taman Matang Jaya, is a new 2 storey terrace house located at Matang, Perak. It's a brand new housing development with a limited number of 160 units. The double-storey has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a 20'x70' house area, and it is the most affordable investment in Taiping.

Project Features

Taman Matang Jaya residents can enjoy various amenities within the township itself, such as restaurants, sundry shops, pet shops, optical shops, and many more. In addition, residents can shop for their necessities at ease as there are many minimarkets within 5 minute short walk.




The price range of Residential at Taman Matang Jaya in Perak is between MYR 348,800 - MYR 408,800 .

Taman Matang Jaya is located in Taman Matang, Matang.
Floor size of this unit at Taman Matang Jaya ranges between 1400 - 1400 ft².
The amenities available in Taman Matang Jaya are .

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