Sri Aman Square - Shophouses Pekan Sri Aman,  Sri Aman, Sarawak

Sri Aman Square - Shophouses

First Easement Roofing in Sri Aman!

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Sri Aman Square is a new shophouses development located at Sri Aman, Sarawak. A recent development with 55 units of 3 Storey Shophouses & 16 teams of 2 Storey Warehouses/Showrooms just opposite the Sri Aman Sports Complex. It is the most affordable investment in Sri Aman.

Project Features

Sri Aman is better known to most Sarawakians as where tidal bores occur. The annual "Pesta Benak" attract tens of thousands of people to the banks of Batang Lupar to witness all sorts of water sports. A tidal bore happens when the tide rises. Seawater gushes into the river so rapidly that it creates a series of waves travelling inland.




The price range of Landed at Sri Aman Square - Shophouses in Sarawak is between MYR1,080,000 - MYR 1,080,000.

Sri Aman Square - Shophouses is located in Pekan Sri Aman, Sri Aman, Sarawak. Please check the property on the maps with us here: Sri Aman Square - Shophouses Address
Floor size of this unit at Sri Aman Square - Shophouses ranges between 1200 - 1200 sqft.
The amenities available in Sri Aman Square - Shophouses are .

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