Monarc Persiaran Gamuda Gardens 1,  Rawang, Selangor


Welcome to Nature's Private Eden

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Eminence Has A Home

A luxury residence delicately crafted with refined architecture and exquisite materials amidst the beauty of mother nature, culminating in an elegantly balanced living space. Monarc was designed to fit the lifestyle of the majestic, exclusively for the selected few.

Architecture Masterclass

Monarc showcases sophisticated architecture—a minimalist, timeless design with a spatial composition that exudes elegance in craft and quality.

Project Features

Putting Golf

Refine your golf strokes at the Putting Green, surrounded by verdant greenery.


Play a round of tennis on a private tennis court, hidden away amongst dense landscaping.

50-acre Pet-Friendly Park

The 50-acre pet-friendly Central Park and a Terrace Swing outside your doorstep ensure a seamless bond with nature.


Experience a welcoming arrival as residents and guests are greeted with grand archways bolstered by a state-of-the-art security system.

Esteem Business Lounge

Your esteem Business Lounge is made for posh gatherings, be they social or formal.

Gardens Wellness

Sweat it out at the Gardens Wellness, with a fully equipped gymnasium, several dance studios and 8 indoor badminton courts.

Gardens Square

Poised to be the lifestyle destination of the township, Gardens Square will have premium retail offerings and an alfresco dining experience.

Le Gardens Pavilion

At the Le Gardens Pavilion, splendour and function merge perfectly for you to host the grandest of events and celebrations.

  • Herbs Patio
  • Picnic Lawn
  • Tennis Court
  • Putting Green
  • Terrace Swing
  • Serene Nursery
  • Garden Avenue
  • Reflexology Aisle
  • Monarc Archway
  • Lakeside Pavilion
  • Multifunction Deck
  • Sunset Promenade
  • Children Playground
  • Green Amphitheatre
  • Cycling / Jogging Trail


Here, the community can enjoy the best outdoor living while having a sense of privacy and security amidst the backdrop of the 50-acre Central Park. Gamuda Gardens is easily accessible via three major highways: North-South Expressway, LATAR Expressway and GUTHRIE Corridor Expressway.


The price range of Landed at Monarc in Selangor is between MYR1,965,800 - MYR 7,078,800.

Monarc is located in Persiaran Gamuda Gardens 1, Rawang, Selangor.
Floor size of this unit at Monarc ranges between 2812 - 6382 ft².
The amenities available in Monarc are Herbs Patio, Picnic Lawn, Tennis Court, Putting Green, Terrace Swing, Serene Nursery, Garden Avenue, Reflexology Aisle, Monarc Archway, Lakeside Pavilion, Multifunction Deck, Sunset Promenade, Children Playground, Green Amphitheatre, Cycling / Jogging Trail.

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