In the Heart of Ipoh

Greentown Ipoh


Greentown Ipoh

As one of the most imaginative spaces in the heart of Ipoh City Centre, we have chosen to meticulously blend these poignant characteristics with state of the art luxury, to bring you this development - beautifully crafted commercial suites intertwined with the best of modern Ipoh, it is intelligently built to be a cosy home, dynamic exhibition centre, stylish hotel accommodation and a vibrant retail hub all at once.

Project Features

Its uniquely sleek exterior is complemented by exquisite detailing, that is enhanced by breath-taking grounds spanning across the expansive Ipoh city skyline, creating the ultimate investment advantage.


The building is situated in the heart of Ipoh City and located next to the Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh building, Ipoh Parade, as well as nearby hospitals. Visit and enjoy Ipoh delicacies in some of its famous restaurants and bars, as you enjoy the easy accessibility that this strategic location provides.