Global exclusive lifestyle condominium

Located in an emerging economic zone in Iskandar, Johor


This world class city in making will offer future residents a fully equipped lifestyle. The futuristic area will be highly inspiring for all sorts of people. The architects of this project understand the environment, making the condominium energy, water, material and resource efficient. Next to this it’s also indoor environmentally efficient. The neighbourhood of this condominium has many things to offer varying from beautiful nature to Legoland and Puteri Harbour. The condominium has no real property gain tax and no minimum price threshold for foreign property investors. Furtherly the area knows a 15% income tax rate for qualified foreign workers.

Project Features

Resort-style facilities & amenities enable you to live an exclusive and a healthy lifestyle. Whether refreshing at the pool or working out at the gym, or simply relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

  • No Real Property Gain Tax
  • Resort-style facilities & amenities
  • Kids Play Pool & Children’s Playground & Nursery
  • Infinity Pool
  • Jacuzzi & Sauna
  • BBQ Terrace
  • Movie Wall
  • 4 tier Security System with CCTV monitoring
  • Special Economic Zone in Malaysia | No RPGT and RM1 Million cap for foreign purchasers, 15% income tax rate for qualified foreign workers.
  • Strategic Location | High Speed rail to Singapore and KL nearby, surrounded by nature and an exciting range of facilities
  • Green building development | Energy, water, material and resource efficient, also indoor environmentally efficient


If location is everything, then this property is in the ideal place. Located at the southern economic zone of Iskandar. Envisioned to become a sustainable metropolis of international standing. Educity, Pinewoord Iskandar Studios, Kota Iskandar, Puteri Harbour; a premium waterfront development across the strait from Singapore, Horizon Hills golf club, and Legoland Theme park are all situated in Iskandar. Accessible via major highways, KL-Singapore High Speed Rail, BRT, RTS.


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