Data Platform Engineer

VSQ PJCC, Malaysia - Fulltime

Software Development

To act as a member of the Delivery team responsible for our backend systems, databases, internal APIs, Elasticsearch implementation, and other systems. To deliver software and systems improvements, new features, and new products on time and matching our coding standards.

Key Accountability: Software Development and Maintenance

  • Development of high-quality backend systems using Python
  • Expand and improve the functionality of existing components and libraries
  • Maintenance of our systems, including minor enhancements and bug fixes
  • Provide estimates of work to be completed
  • Advise on technical solutions already available in the market or available through open-source projects

Key Accountability: Application Support

  • Communication about application logic to other teams
  • Presentation of key learnings and expertise to others in the company

Key Accountability: Code Quality

  • Uphold, and add to, the standards set for code quality
  • Write automated tests for our new applications and systems


  • Proficient in English (reading, typing, speaking)
  • Strongly organized, able to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines
  • Attention to detail and an understanding of Linux technologies
  • Be passionate about learning new things and sharing them with teammates
  • Work in or be flexible to work in an agile and fast paced environment


  • At least 3 years working with Python in a professional environment
  • Experience with:
    • Python frameworks such as Django and Flask
    • A Python ORM (e.g. SQLAlchemy)
    • Gevent or another asynchronous library
  • Ability to model data and optimize performance in MySQL
  • Understand difference between multiprocessing, multithreading, and event based servers
  • Have used automation technologies such as Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Travis CI, etc.
  • Be able to use Linux/MacOS on a daily basis; comfortable on command line


  • Familiar with GitHub, JIRA, and Slack
  • NoSQL experience
  • TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, socket technologies (ZeroMQ)
  • PHP language proficiency and knowledge of Laravel framework
  • SOA and/or REST architecture practices
  • Familiarity with Amazon AWS cloud services
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