Why The Technology In Your IPhone Is Crucial To Malaysia’s Economic Growth

technology leads to malaysia economic growth

Kuala Lumpur (10 January 2022) — The 5G technology that many Malaysians carry around with them in their iPhones is also crucial to the future success of Malaysia’s ports – and thus its entire trade-driven economy. Whether or not Malaysia’s ports succeed in this decade will also have a significant impact on the nation’s industrial and commercial residential real estate markets.

Juwai IQI Juwai IQI Group Co-Founder and CEO Kashif Ansari and Chartered Valuation Surveyor Irhamy Ahmad of Irhamy Valuers International released statements today on this vital topic.

Port Activity to Drive Real Estate Value Creation Through 2030

Juwai IQI Group Co-Founder and CEO Kashif Ansari said:

“What will the automation of the ports mean for Malaysia’s real estate sector? Smart ports could easily contribute to a 20% to 25% increase in the value of nearby commercial, industrial, and logistics property.

“If Malaysian ports such as Port Klang and Port of Tanjung Pelepas successfully manage to stay ahead of the automation trend, it should attract an increasing share of foreign direct investment in manufacturing. The investment will drive demand for industrial and logistics space. The most attractive property will be near ports and population centres and be well served by rail and road infrastructure.

“Smart ports will enable greater integration with nearby logistics and manufacturing facilities. Integration promises to reduce the delays that currently exist in the movement of export goods from their point of manufacture to the ships that will carry them overseas.

“Just as ports track and manage the arrival of ships, they are also increasingly able to track the accumulation of export goods in nearby manufacturing and distribution facilities. Delivery and shipment of these goods can be arranged with a minimum of delay and a maximum of coordination.

“All of these changes will greatly increase the value of the property that can be integrated in this way while decreasing the relative value of land that is otherwise similar but not integrated.”

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