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People often wonder why they need to hire real estate agents when there is an abundance of information and data available online, not to mention the fact they could buy or sell properties by themselves online or via the available advertising portals, taking a real estate agent out of the equation. The majority, however, tend to find themselves not doing so well. Here we will discuss the reasons why you would need a real estate agent, and how it can make your life that much easier.

Buffering Unnecessary Noise

Agents help buffer out the unnecessary noise that you may have to deal with when buying or selling a property. For sellers, they will filter out calls which end up with nothing more than a viewing, while encouraging potential buyers to make an offer. On the other hand, when buying a property, an agent will shield you from any unnecessary clutter of information from the builder’s agents.


Hiring a professional real estate agent will relieve you from the need to have a vast knowledge of buying and selling properties. Time is an important commodity in our lives, and that is why we hire professionals to take care of certain matters. The same goes for real estate. The cost of a real estate agent’s service is usually similar, which means hiring someone with higher experience and education will greatly benefit you.

Price Advice

When selling a property, the agent has a certain amount of interest in the sales, while the remaining percentage belongs to the seller, and when buying real estate, the agent will guide the buyer in weighing the provided information and selecting the price they wish to pay. There is a misconception that agents select the price for the buyer or seller. That is not the case. Based on the properties condition and the demand, agents will come up with a strategy to negotiate and set the price so that it may satisfy all parties involved.

Knowledge of the Neighborhood

Agents can detect comparable property sales in a neighborhood and update you with facts you may need in deciding. They either already know, or can scope out the recent market information about the neighborhood you are interested in. Real estate agents can also provide you with information on the nearest amenities, schools, crime rates, nearest hospitals and more.

Market Information

There are numerous contributing factors that could influence how you proceed with buying or selling real estate, and agents can help reveal market conditions that would set you on the correct path. The ratio of listed to sold prices, the average per square foot price of similar properties, average sales prices, and other data provided, are highly important criteria that will guide the course of your decision.

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Future Business Relations

Real estate agents strive to ensure that their clients are content and satisfied with the service given to them, and thereby will continue to work with you should you require their assistance. Most agents will also send market updates to their previous clients to keep them informed and not lose touch. This is also because the success rate and continuity of a real estate agents’ career also depends on referrals.

Handling Paperwork

With the huge amount of paperwork, including but not limited to, the purchase agreements, a files thickness may come up to seven centimeters of paper, with the slightest mistake or oversight costing you a lot of money. Therefore it is best to consult or ask a professional to handle it for you. Real estate agents go through such paperwork with numerous clients and it is advisable to have someone with prior and professional experience, go through your papers.

Professional Negotiators

Property agents, unlike sellers or buyers, are not invested in the emotional side of a transaction. Top that up with their experience and skills in the industry and one can see why agents are such good negotiators. These individuals are professionals and thereby present their client in the best manner, while never disclosing data from their client to the competition.

Answering Inquiries after Closing

Even with the smoothest real estate deal, there are possibilities of future difficulties and complications, which can arise at any time after the transaction. A phone call to your real estate agent can smooth things over, answer your questions, and have you feeling relieved.


Real estate agents network with other specialists who provide services that are either bought or sold by you. To avoid legal liability, agents will try to not recommend one over the other in their network; however, they do know which service providers are known for efficiency, competency, and competitive pricing. They can provide you with a reference list of professionals that they have worked with, and provide data that will help you make the right decision.

So if you are looking to put up your property for sale, buying a new house in Malaysia, or renting a flat, be sure to consult a real estate agent, as they can provide you with the best possible options that will fit your requirements best.

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