Why introverts can be great real estate agents?

Why Introverts can be Great Real Estate Agents?

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When it comes to real estate agents, most of us will think of personalities such as extrovert, talkative, or socially active. This stereotypical view has caused the “introverted” person to hesitate, even if they are passionate about entering the industry.

So, can an introverted person become a real estate agent?


1. Introvert vs Extrovert
Advantages of being an introverted real estate agent
Advantages of being an extroverted real estate agent
4. How to become a successful real estate agent

1. Introvert vs Extrovert

In today’s society, an introvert is often considered “shy” and “inarticulate”; an extrovert is often considered “eloquent and sociable”.

However, this interpretation is very different from what Carl Jung proposed at first. In Carl Jung’s understanding, extroverts tend to obtain gratification from outside themselves, while introverts are more interested in their mental self. This also means that introverts are good at self-reflecting; thus, they perform better in small groups or during one-to-one communication. Extroverts are generally better at expressing themselves in a large group.

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2. Advantages of being an introverted real estate agent

The core of the industry is your passion for the industry and dedication to helping buyers buy the right house.

If you are passionate about real estate, your introverted personality will definitely bring you more advantages!

  • Good at focusing on tasks

An introvert prefers to sort out their feelings before expressing them. Thus they can perform better in figuring out problems or executing a task that requires a long period. It’d be a great help when they are helping their clients to go through different kinds of investment choices.

  • Good at listening

An introvert like to create order out of chaos. They achieve this through listening, observing and analyzing the situations.

Listen to your client’s needs and help them build the most suitable property investment portfolio.

  • Observant

An introvert is more comfortable when it comes to observing people’s actions and body language.

It helps them to understand the client better and create a stronger relationship.

  • Objective and calm

The observation skills mentioned above make it easier for introverts to experience things from different perspectives.

This ability allows introverts to help their clients to jump out from the “emotion” and understand the appropriateness of the investment.

  • High self-control

An introvert has a sense of “intuition of their own”. This is correlated with their self-reflection. In industries requiring self-discipline, such as real estate or sales, this ability allows them to set goals and track progress.

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3. Advantages of being an extroverted real estate agent

If an introvert has many advantages in working as a real estate agent, does it mean an extrovert can’t be a successful agent?

Of course, not!

There are two sides to the same coin. Neither introvert nor extrovert is better, but they are more robust in different aspects.

Advantages of being an extroverted real estate agent:

  • Meeting new people

As mentioned, extroverts recharge by interacting with people, so they can easily make new friends.

A well-connected real estate agent can reach potential buyers more easily.

  • Getting new ideas through talking

You are exposed to new ideas when you talk to different groups of people.

In the real estate industry, with an ever-changing investment market and buyers with varying needs, an extroverted agent can close the gap between the two.

  • Willing to share

Extroverts are comfortable opening up, making it easier for the clients to build trust.

  • Leave an impression of being approachable

In general, extrovert leaves an impression of being eloquent, thus making them much more approachable.

Thus, it is easier for them to build a sense of “friendly” when meeting the client.


4. How to become a successful real estate agent?

Since both introverts and extroverts can be successful real estate agents, the real question is: What should I do to excel?

The answer is to choose the right platform.

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