When Numbers Add Up to an Auspicious Feng Shui Buy

When Numbers Add Up to an Auspicious Feng Shui Buy


Most property buyers must wait for their financials to sure up before they can buy a home. For others, it comes down to the date and time – the feng shui.

Analysis by property portal Juwai IQI conducted when the Asian buying market was red hot several years ago found properties with a triple eight in the price received about one-third more online views among Chinese buyers than listings with none. Co-founder and group managing director Daniel Ho said tetraphobia and numerology were more likely to be important to Hong Kong buyers than mainland Chinese.

“As we get more Hongkongers in the Australian market, it will become a bigger issue for developers and vendors,” Ho said. “It is also a common preference for buyers from Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Korea.”

Buyers from China and other parts of Asia still make up a small portion of the market, with geopolitical tensions, weaker migration and high property taxes weighing on purchase decisions.

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