4 MIN READWanna be on top? | 3 best career options you can consider in 2020

The year is 2020, and you are browsing through career options.

Yet you look back in your current state of being employed under a boss. On a daily basis, you encountered various stresses to deal with, ranging from malfunctioning equipment to angry customers, to an ill-tempered co-worker.

But if you’re the type of person who works much better independently, and you have trouble acting on someone else’s orders, finding a job where you can be your own boss may not be a bad idea.

Here are the 3 best career options you can consider in 2020.

1. Interior designer

An interior designer does much more than pick out pretty fabrics, rearrange the furniture, and making the property look pretty.

Self-employed interior designers may be paid on a per-job basis, and their wages can be higher or lower than their employed counterparts who are solely dependent on their skill level and reputation.

On a typical day, they deal with cabinet spacing,  advised a homeowner away from a budget-blowing project, track down the perfect furniture, work on a seasonal installation for a business storefront, make a presentation in front of an architectural review board and so on.

However, good interior designers know that decorating is a wonderful journey and a lifelong pursuit of knowledge!


2. Real estate agent

Selling real estate is not a quick-start business for a career in 2020.

You need to get your license and perhaps work for an established firm first, but it can certainly be lucrative – you can earn up to RM10,000 per month and it may allow some flexibility with your time.

Real estate agents work on commission, so the more properties you sell, the more you’ll make. It can be from houses, commercial buildings, plots of land, farms, you name it – it is a diversified choice.

Again, if you can sell it, you can earn. Just remember, commissions will be higher if the value of the property is higher too.

For the year 2020, focus on the high-end stuff and start raking it in!

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3. Social media manager

From the Millennials to the Baby Boomers, everyone in between has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, right? But not everyone knows how to use it effectively and definitely not in a business sense – where nearly 25% of business owners don’t use social media, even in 2020!

People don’t need a degree in communications to use these platforms to grow their business, but there’s no question the effort in a career in managing social media it takes is time-consuming!

Use your social media skills to be your own boss by approaching local businesses about tapping into their social media potential.

Final Say?

Many freelancers, consultants, or contractors perform work on a job-to-job basis for large businesses or for smaller clients. Other self-employed individuals run their own small operations selling products or services to consumers.

Of course, those of the self-employed generally face a higher risk than most freelancers or contractors – by investing large sums of money into operation, or incurring large business expenses, they often put everything on the line.

In spite of this uncertainty, you can still be financially stable. You get to create your schedule, you don’t have to ask permission for days off, and someone isn’t bossing you around and telling you what to do.

Are you working hard and never seeming to get anywhere? Or have a salary that doesn’t stretch that far? Co-workers don’t seem to be pulling the same weight you are, and yet you feel totally stuck in the hamster wheel of the working world?

Maybe it’s time to consider being your own boss for once. Join IQI and begin a career of financial stability and endless possibilities in 2020!

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