Virtual tour providers: Which one is right for you?

Juwai IQI hosts more than 5,000 virtual tours on its portals, and Here, I’ll try to summarize some of the lessons we’ve learned about the best virtual tour operators for readers of REM.

There are at least two dozen virtual tour providers, so I will give you just the shortlist of those I believe have superior features, pricing, sustainability or market share. If you think I’ve left out someone who deserves to be on the list, please tell me in the comment section. Note that I have no financial interest in the success of any of these companies.

Do virtual tours really help sell homes? Most of the statistics offered to justify virtual tours are over-hyped and under-scientific, but I believe the tours do have real value. Whether or not they help you sell a listing, virtual tours can undoubtedly help you win one. Offering virtual tours demonstrates to the seller that you will go all out to market their property.

Virtual tours give buyers the chance to fall in love with a home after you have already captured their interest with the traditional listing description and photos. Most users only click on the virtual tour after first looking at traditional photos and text descriptions. That makes them an essential tool for converting a prospect from a browser to an inquiry.

This article was written by Yousaf Iqbal 

Yousaf Iqbal is director IQI Canada, the Canadian arm of real estate technology group Juwai IQI.









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