4 Fun and Unique Things to Do for Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is here! An occasion to celebrate our fathers and father figures for all they have done for us, contributing their time, energy and effort to sustain our livelihood and wellbeing; this momentous day in June is a day celebrated by many around the world.

When is Father’s Day, exactly? Did you know that, instead of having a specific date; Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year! This is a special day for us to reconnect and bond with our fathers, and utilizing to the fullest this time of the day is a window for us to create new memories and relive old ones to be cherished forever.

Although it may seem like any other weekend, our fathers and father figures deserve to feel appreciated this June 19th. Continue reading to see what you can do to show your love and gratitude to your father on this day!

Rent his dream car for a day

father's day, rent a car

You’ve seen your dad eye that sleek and sporty Lamborghini – why not let him take it for a spin for a day? With the abundance of car rental apps available at our disposal, it’s easier than ever to rent cars, small or big, cheap or expensive. Take this day to make him feel like a king, and tour with him around the city in style!

Spend quality time with him over dessert

father's day, bond over ice cream

Whether it be some fancy chocolate crepes, or perhaps a beautifully flaky pain au chocolat paired with his favourite coffee, or even just a McDonald’s ice cream cone – take this opportunity to bond with your father over some sweet delights as he shares with you his life stories and wisdom.

Give him the perfect home cinema experience

father's day, home cinema

Is your father a couch potato, where the television is his best friend? Indulge him in a fun at-home cinematic experience! Drape some cloth or curtains over a wall and set up a projector playing one of his favourite movies to give him the ultimate big screen moment, all within the comfort of his home.

Have a hearty family brunch

father's day 2022, family brunch

A day where you can wake up to an indulgent brunch after a long day of sleeping in on a weekend is a day best celebrated, especially on Father’s Day! Treat your father to a wholesome meal with his favourite food and coffee, and spend some quality time as a family at the dinner table.

father's day 2022

Although fathers can be quite aloof when it comes to these celebrations, there is no doubt that he will feel appreciated through these actions – whether he expresses it or not. Fathers don’t always need to be showered with grand gestures to feel loved – in fact, celebrating Father’s Day in the comfort of home can sometimes be the most ideal option. Creating memories for him to look back on and think “the highlight of Father’s Day was getting to bond with my family” is enough to bring insurmountable amounts of happiness.

Fathers deserve to be appreciated year-round, but on this special day, do something to make your father feel extra loved!

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