Toronto is the best place to invest and live in. Find out why

One of the safest cities to invest in, rich in resources, with a sound financial sector, a strong currency and home to some of the nicest and smartest people you will find anywhere. Sound familiar? It should; these are just some of the ways that are used to describe the great city of Toronto.

This city has been consistently been ranked at the top when it comes to global competitiveness, innovation and quality of life. Few other cities can offer the same multi-sector strength, depth of talent and a driving economic and financial engine.

Let’s take a closer look at why Toronto is the best place for you to invest.

1. A strong economy

Toronto is the business and financial capital of Canada. It is a booming financial hub in North America and one of the top ten global financial centres. 11% of Canada’s GDP comes from the city of Toronto. Toronto based businesses export over $70 billion in goods and services alone. Its reputation for safety, soundness and stability is quickly making Toronto a global destination for financial services.

2. Competitive

Toronto offers one of the most cost effective business and investment climates for cities, in the entire world. Annual business operating costs are significantly lower in Toronto as compared to most other international centres. The governments of Canada, Ontario and Toronto provide a number of incentives to allow businesses to grow and prosper. Each level of government has shown a commitment to competitive tax rates, resulting in a combined corporate income tax rate of 26.5 per cent. Canada is also the first country among the G20 to become a tariff-free zone for manufacturers.

3. Global and Local Connections

People from all around the world converge in Toronto on a daily basis. Each year, tens of thousands of people make Toronto their new home. The city has a diverse and globally connected talent pool of skilled and educated individuals. They are the driving force behind its economic prosperity and innovation.

The city also boasts an expansive local network of consultants, professional firms and specialty suppliers. In terms of business services, the city is among the largest in North America.

4. Workforce

Toronto consists of a workforce of 1.4 million people, all of whom are highly skilled and multilingual. 64% of Toronto residents between the ages of 25 and 64 have a post-secondary education at minimum.

The city is purported to be the largest centre of education, research and innovation in the country, which explains the skilled and educated workforce, which only grows as time passes.  Its educational institutions play an integral role in its ability to attract the best businesses and the brightest minds.

5. Education

As we have mentioned before, Toronto has an impressive range of educational facilities. These facilities include universities and colleges that train individuals in almost every discipline and skill.  With programs for entrepreneurship, multimedia, engineering, computer sciences and other supportive skills, Toronto provides for business development and helps accelerate new companies. Its top of the range workforce propels Toronto’s phenomenal growth.

6. Transportation

Access to major highways, multi-modal railway facilities, a Great Lakes port, the nation’s ninth busiest airport and Canada’s largest international airport, located near the town of Oakville, all make Toronto a true North American gateway. The city’s location gives easy access to some of the US’s major cities such as New York, Chicago, Boston and Washington. What’s more, its airports offer more than a thousand daily flights combined, both locally and internationally.

7. Resource rich

Canada is one of the largest exporters of minerals in the world. It has a thriving mining industry for a variety of precious metals, with 60 percent of all public mining companies in the world being listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Another 10 percent are oil and gas companies. Canada is also the largest source of potash, a necessary component for making fertilisers. Another source of income is Canada’s vast agricultural resource.

All of these resources contribute to Canada’s strong and stable economy.

8. Financially sound

Studies have shown that Canada has the soundest banking system in the world. This means that the country’s major banks are generally healthy with excellent balance sheets. Their strong financial position puts them at a considerable advantage, as they are able to borrow at consistently lower rates when compared to their international counterparts.

It’s obvious that there are many benefits to investing in Toronto. We can offer you a gateway to the city through Kingridge Square, a new development in Oakville. These office and residential condominiums are well priced and provide great new opportunities to local and foreign investors alike.

The best time to invest is now!

Send a message to us at and we will tell you more about Toronto and Kingridge Square.

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