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While lunch and dinner are two of the most important meals to have, it is what comes after that definitely remains everyone’s favourite: dessert. We all have at least a small sweet tooth which wants to bite down on a delicious dessert, whether it is a chocolate, a strawberry sundae, a sumptuous cake or a delectable donut. The only question is, where can you go to enjoy such sumptuous desserts when the craving hits you? This is exactly what we will be answering in this article. Here are the top 7 dessert buffets you’ll find in KL where you can have as many sweet things as you want.


1. Pavilion Lounge @ Sheraton Imperial

A decadent stop for dessert seekers, the Pavilion Lounge gives a beautiful personal tea tower with a mini-buffet of both sweet and savoury delights. The mini-buffet offers a variety of fruit and candy skewers and a chocolate fountain which you can dip them into. There are also savoury treats like small chicken pies and quiches if you feel like balancing out your meal.


2. Atmosphere 360 @ KL Tower

Sure you can have a great dessert, but how many people can say that they had a Hi-Tea buffet in a rotating restaurant which is 282m high? Here everything revolves around desserts, literally. The tables and chairs surround the buffet which is placed near the middle of the restaurant. Treat yourself to some mouth-watering western desserts like carrot cakes, fudge cubes and wobbly jellies.


3. Thirty8 @ Grand Hyatt

Another spot where you can get limitless desserts is at the second highest floor of the Grand Hyatt, Kuala Lumpur. With an impressive skyline view and an impressive selection of gastronomic desserts and fresh baked pastries, you’ll never want to leave Thirty8. Here you can choose from their nitrogen ice creams, delicious scones, hazelnut éclairs, macaroons and more. All paired delightfully with a cup of steaming coffee or tea, your choice.


4. OW:L Espresso

Korean dessert cafes have lately become popular all over the city to satisfy our hunger for the delicious shaved ice Korean Bingsu. You must try their coffee variation of the Korean bingsu which is possibly one of the most amazing that you can find in Malaysia. This bingsu is a mix of vanilla ice-cream, azuki beans and an aromatic drizzle of espresso coffee – perfect for a snack by itself.


5. Sangkaya

In the sunny, tropical climate of Kuala Lumpur, a deliciously cooling coconut treat can be the ideal sundowner after a hectic shopping trip. The Sangkaya chain serves handcrafted coconut ice cream in fresh coconut shells.
For a start, try their Signature Sangkaya, a bowl (or rather, coconut shell) and indulge yourself with three scoops of ice-cream complemented with fresh coconut shreds. You can also choose from six different options of toppings that you can refill to your heart’s content.


6. Ah Keong’s Ais Kacang Stall

A trademark of this husband-and-wife run simple roadside stall is the use of fresh santan (coconut milk). The stall has been popular dessert spot for the past 10 years selling simple and wholesome bowls of ais kacang, a local delicacy of shaved ice adorned with gula melaka (palm sugar syrup), peanuts; and in some variants, corn, red beans, palm fruit, grass jelly and ice cream. The place is a local favourite and you may need to wait in line for at least 20 minutes!


7. Nadeje

Nadeje, the incomparably delectable crepe cake from Melaka has opened its doors to the people of KL, with a little kiosk in Mid Valley Megamall. Their specialty, the amazing, creamy layered crepe cake, has been the ideal delicacy for anyone to bring back during their trip at Melaka. Now, you can have them fresh right here at Mid Valley. Each amazing slice of cake has dozens of crepe stacked upon one another filled with delicious flavoured cream. Tiramisu, mango, banana, chocolate, green tea and many more are available!

If you have a sweet tooth and you are looking for something to satisfy your sugar cravings then be sure to try out these dessert buffets for yourself.

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