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Bangsar is a residential suburb in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur within Klang Valley. It is located about 4 kilometres south-west of the city centre. Demographically speaking, the majority of the population of Bangsar is made up of Malays who are 61%, followed by the Chinese at 24% and Indians at 15%.

Bangsar is made up of two very different areas that live harmoniously side-by-side. First, there is the hip and trendy urban area, with up-and-coming clothing boutiques, restaurants and bars, and then there is the cultural side, filled with exotic street markets, temples and churches.

What’s more, it is located less than five minutes from KL-Sentral, making it easily accessible via public transport, such as buses, the monorail and the LRT.

In this article, we will tell you about the top 6 attractions in Bangsar which will give you great ways to entertain yourself during the weekend.


1. Little India

Malaysia’s official little India, this is made up of several streets that are populated with Indian stores and restaurants. These places serve everything, from traditional Indian accessories like sarees, kurtas and jewellery, spices and incense sticks, to authentic Indian foods such as parathas, rotis, vadai, thosai, biryani, sambar and idli and sweets.

The Little India area starts from Jalan Travers and goes on to Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Some of the more popular items that are sold here are flower garlands, bejewelled sarees, and Indian music and movie CDs.


2. Z Fencing

Fancy some fencing? If you would like to try your hand at the age-old art of sword fighting and are looking for a way to entertain yourself for hours on end and are up for a challenge, then you should drop by Z Fencing in the Bangsar Shopping Centre.
Here you will learn the chivalrous art of fencing, where you will parry and poke during a fencing duel as you try to defeat your opponents. You have the option of signing up for a four-week course for beginners or even signing up for private lessons to hone your skills further.


3. Scrappingville Studio – Art Jamming

This is a place where you can let your creative juices flow freely. Art Jamming is an art class for novice painters, where you are given all the tools you need to create your own work of art. A teacher will be present to help you with any problems that you may face. There is no experience necessary, just a passion for painting and creativity.

This provides a fun and creative outlet, and can also help relieve some stress.

An extra boon is that children of all ages are allowed to participate, so you can also bring along your entire family and make it an enjoyable family outing.


4. Inside Scoop

Known as Bangsar’s unofficial ‘happy place’,the Inside Scoop gives out some of the best ice cream in the city. Shiew Li, the owner has an in-house ice cream churner, and uses gelato techniques to give customers a rich and flavourful ice cream. You can have your ice cream on a freshly baked waffle cone or slightly melted on a warm, buttery waffle.

Inside scoop is a haven for the restless and overworked and those with a sweet tooth.


5. Bangsar Village 1 Shopping Mall

The Bangsar Village 1 Shopping Mall is a boutique shopping centre that is populated with a wide array of restaurants and cafés for you to choose from. It is great for shopping for classy clothes with international labels. The building is connected to Bangsar II shopping centre via a sheltered pedestrian sky-bridge which is a treat to walk through at night.
The centre area always has a market and also plays host for special celebrations like Chinese New Year lion dancing and Deepavali.

It is the perfect place for a family outing and a great place to hang out and have fun with your friends during the weekend.


6. Case study

You can wind up your weekend with some amazing herbal cocktails at this quirky bar. It serves the most exciting and inventive drinks you can imagine like ginger carrot soda, root beer reduction, Mediterranean gin, lime and sweet potato, lotus root gin, butterfly pea and apricot infusion, and salted wildflower honey. The place is built like a botanical garden and many of the plants and herbs you see will actually end up in your drink!

Bangsar has a lot to offer someone who is looking for a fun way to spend their weekend. So the next time you have free time and are looking for something to do, head on over to Bangsar and let the good times roll.

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